Fortnite gamer sells his “Dookey Dash” NFT key for 1,000 ETH

Fortnite gamer sells his “Dookey Dash” NFT key for 1,000 ETH

Esports gamer Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson sold his Bored Ape NFT key, from a cartoon monkey’s butt, for 1,000 ETH. The 18-year-old British citizen and Fortnite player won the “Dookey Dash” NFT key in the infinite runner game developed by Yuga Labs.

The Dookey Dash winning shot

The player announced his agreement with Adam Weitsman on his twitter account. Mongraal sold his NFT to Adam Weitsman, a scrap-metal billionaire, for 1,000 ETH, valued at US$1.63m as of Feb 28. 

Dookey Dash from Yuga Labs requires a “Sewer Pass” NFT to play that costs 2.3 ETH floor price equivalent to US$3,700 at the time of writing. The game involves furtherance through a sewer-tunnel system as far as you can go on a virtual jet bike or other mediums. Mongraal documented and tweeted the last three minutes of his winning shot on his Twitter profile which has over two million followers. 

The Dookey Dash game is part of the integrated Bored Ape Yacht Club based around “Trial of Jimmy the Monkey” – a short animated film in which Jimmy accidentally rips open the spacetime continuum by taking “an atomic sh*t.” Several occurrences happen in the game leading to Jimmy accidentally ingesting a unique key that the monkey excretes down the toilet. The Dookey Dash’s ultimate goal is to retrieve the key from the sewer.  

Mongraal surfed through the sewer system and retrieved the key, winning the Dookey Dash competition. The player commented about Weitsman as a “Super nice guy and thrilled the sale went through with him.”

Yuga Labs will get 5% of the royalties’ sale, equivalent to 50 ETH – about US$81,500 today. 

Bored Apes on the Bitcoin blockchain

Mongraal made this remarkable sale a day before Yuga Labs launched its 300-piece TwelveFold collection. The collection comprises limited edition generative pieces engraved on satoshis live on the Bitcoin blockchain. The relationship between variability, mathematics, and time inspires the project.

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