Fortnite esports star wins BAYC’s Dookey Dash challenge

Fortnite esports star wins BAYC’s Dookey Dash challenge

Bored Ape Yacht Club has successfully concluded the Dookey Dash challenge even after it was plagued by cheating claims. Fortnite Esports Star Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson is the one who won the competition. The craze behind this game shows the growing interest in web3 and blockchain gaming.

BAYC concludes the Dookey Dash challenge

Dookey Dash is a runner/tunnel racing blockchain game that Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) owns. BAYC has featured a competition based on the game for the past three weeks, with over 25K players participating.

Now, the competition is complete, and BAYC has already announced its winner through Twitter. The tweet comically stated how so many dashed but did not dookey and announced Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson as the winner. 

The winner also expressed his gratitude for starring in yet another Esports competition.

Dookey Dash experience

As reported by, to play the game, one had to be a holder of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. They could then mint exclusive “Sewer Pass” NFTs that powered the game.

The game saw the sales of the Sewer Pass NFTs skyrocket, topping 36K ETH, around $60M. The craze around the game was due to a promise by its makers that the winner would receive a mysterious reward at the end. 

Although the competition was completed successfully, there were several instances of cheating, with BAYC being forced to reset 2% of the overall scores. The challenge was hit by claims of cheating and the use of boosters and for-hire players who were said to have played in the place of the JPEGs holders.

Are blockchain and Web3 gaming becoming a thing?

The craze behind BAYC’s Dookey Dash game shows a growing trend in the interest in Web 3 and blockchain games. Other major blockchain games have also cropped up. Games like Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Sandbox, and Ember sword, only to mention a few, are recording millions of users each quarter.

Some of these games also have digital assets tied to them, like NFTs and cryptos. These assets have also been gaining traction, asserting an interest surrounding the parent companies.

Fortnite esports star wins BAYC’s Dookey Dash challenge - 1

However, it’s not guaranteed that these games and their assets will all be profitable; therefore, it’s best to be watchful and learn how to DYOR before entangling any blockchain-related project.

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