Former MySpace founders release Champions Ascension, the first game from Metaverse Studio Plai Labs

Former MySpace founders release Champions Ascension, the first  game from Metaverse Studio Plai Labs

Plai Labs is an initiative of two Jam City co-founders, Chris DeWolfe and Aber Whitcomb, who defected to start their own mobile games company. They have done everything possible to offer their customers their first masterpiece: a blockchain-based game, “Champions Ascension”, which promises enough thrills for gamers.

Background to the birth of Plai Labs

DeWolfe was the CEO of Jam City, while Whitcomb occupied the role of CTO in the same company. The two worked together and were responsible for the start-up and growth of social networking within their company.

The two were responsible for the creation of the MySpace social network in 2003. They remained at the helm for six years before deciding to sell their shares to News Corp for $580 million.

Their current goal is to create a structure that brings together all the words that make the technology investment community happy. Namely: Web3, generative AI, gaming, NFTs, and blockchain. This is how the two managed to launch Plai Labs which is solely focused on Web3.

Champions Ascension – Plai Labs’ first studio blockchain game

DeWolfe and Whitcomb didn’t wait long to unveil the first project of their new company. It is a blockchain-based metaverse known as Massina. The first game to be released on the metaverse is called “Champions Ascension” and is currently being developed by a team of 50 devs.

Champions Ascension is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The various elements of the game are reminiscent of Activision Blizzard’s hit “World of Warcraft”. It gives players the opportunity to select from a variety of characters, compete in a large-scale coliseum arena, and build or participate in quests.  

The game also allows players to trade digital items or participate in custom dungeons. What makes it special is the fact that gamers can choose to get their characters in the form of an NFT. 

How do you buy NFTs to play Champions Ascension?

Firstly, it should be remembered that Plai Labs managed to sell its first NFTs in February 2022 and that the buyers of this first batch were given the grace to beta-test the game last September. At Plai Labs, the game’s NFTs are known as ”Champions”, which you can buy on Opensea for up to 55 ethereum (ETH), so over $90,000.

You can also find an NFT collection of pets for your “Champion”. These are cute alien creatures, each with unique traits and skills. At the moment, you can only play the game if you have NFTs. That’s why the company wants to hold regular auctions to offer more ‘Champions’.

Plai Labs is backed by renowned Venture Capital (VC) firms

According to DeWolf, the goal of this plan is to find a system that will allow users to upload and create their own personal digital assets within the game. This could be their own dungeon crawler, character, etc. These features will help players enjoy more freedom during their adventure.

This project is commendable, which is why many investors from Andreesen Horowitz (a16z) have decided to put money into this company. They believe that the future of social networking starts with games. At the moment, there are roughly 230 buyers of the Champions NFTs.

Plai Labs’ first blockchain game is a bold move, and people are seriously interested in it. This can be seen in the price of the floor of all its NFTs, which has increased by 30%, unlike other NFT products like Porsche. It is clear that there is a radical distinction between Plai Labs’ NFTs which have a definite utility and other projects based on these cryptocurrencies.

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