Footiverse revolutionizes with new NFT collection

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Footiverse revolutionizes with new NFT collection

Footiverse, a football fantasy league metaverse, has recently entered the NFT fold with the launch of its Footiverse collection. The organization plans the launch of a sustainable NFT ecosystem through the continuous addition of features and assets. For the success of this project, Footiverse plans to open a GameFi platform in the third quarter of 2023.

What is Footiverse’s real revolution in NFTs?

Footiverse has come up with an unbeatable strategy to increase user engagement: to gamify its NFTs. This is possible thanks to Web3 games that allow new opportunities through winnable game systems that will encourage investors to get active.

Note, however, that many Web3 games use predatory methods such as reward locking. This is also the case for progression after hours and hours of play. The aim is to produce artificial demand and activity.

Footiverse has again found a technique to counteract these predatory practices. The organization prefers to focus on the greater utility of these NFTs and their value in being passively generated by using much simpler and interactive systems. This technique does not require a daily contribution from users.

Footiverse wants to achieve a certain parity of ownership while redefining NFTs as long-term financing. To achieve this, the organization wants its value to be less dependent on market fluctuations and hype cycles.

A system for users to earn passive rewards at Footiverse

This new game offers a feature that allows users to enjoy passive rewards. This is Footiverse Dream Coach which helps different participants accumulate points based on certain performances of their favorite team players. These multiple gifts will be calculated based on each player’s personal statistics for each match.

This can be the number of goals scored, good passes, assists, etc. Participants will compete against other teams in a fantasy league setting in exchange for prizes. They can also complete a set of players to get extra bonuses. 

Royalties are earned when you create an NFT or when you are the first to own an NFT. There are two royalty systems that will reward players for their participation in the market.

Investing with Footi tokens

Participants can also choose to invest with Footi tokens. These are also utility cryptocurrencies like NFTs. The advantage of these tokens lies in the fact that they offer a streamlined and simpler experience for investors. Also, be aware that you can use them as a gaming currency or as a crypto to make external purchases.

Singapore-based Footiverse is pulling out all the stops to bring a real revolution to the cryptocurrency market. Football fans will now be able to live their passion while making passive income on the web. Note that almost all competitions of this sport are present on the NFT marketplace.

Facing tough competition

Footiverse is not alone in the race to appease gamers, sports fans, and crypto enthusiasts alike. Recently, web3 company RealFevr brought NFT memorabilia of the official Portuguese soccer league. This was made possible through a two-year partnership between Liga Portugal and RealvFevr.

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