Football prediction app Pooky debuts its Genesis Collection NFTs

Football prediction app Pooky debuts its Genesis Collection NFTs

NFT prediction game Pooky said it’s ready for prime time, announcing the availability of its Genesis Collection Pookball NFTs. With the launch of its first-generation NFTs, players will finally be able to start earning rewards and climbing up its leaderboard in pursuit of even greater prizes.

Gaming and sports betting combined

Pooky is a new kind of sports prediction game that’s initially focused on football. It pitches itself as a safer alternative to traditional betting. While players do have to purchase an NFT to be able to play, they won’t risk losing any money thereafter.

However, they’ll still be able to earn rewards for successfully predicting the results of games from Europe’s top football leagues, including the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Series A, and France’s Ligue 1.

The game first launched in beta in November without its rewards-based economy, but even lacking an incentive, it accumulated over 7,000 active monthly players and saw more than 450,000 predictions made.

The Pookyball NFTs enable players to guess the results of each week’s games, with prizes awarded to those who correctly guess the outcome of the match, the number of goals scored, or the exact score. Players will be rewarded in $MATIC tokens and $POK, which is the game’s native cryptocurrency. They’ll also earn experience points that allow them to climb the Pooky leaderboard, with players who rank in the top 50 benefit from reward multipliers.

According to Pooky, $POK is a soulbound token that cannot be traded between players, designed to test its in-game mechanics. Once any teething problems have been ironed out, the game will transition to a new token, $TPK, which can be traded and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Pooky said the artwork for the Pookyball NFTs was created by the famed design studio Serial Cut, which has previously worked with brands such as Facebook, Google, Lyft, Nike, Puma, Ray-Ban, and Red Bull. The initial Pookyball collection will consist of tokens of multiple rarities, with each NFT having its own individual attributes.

Players can use their rewards to power up their NFTs and boost their rewards potential or save them and cash out once the game transitions to $TPK, thereby pocketing their earnings instead. The NFTs can be sold at any time, so players who no longer wish to play the game can, with any luck, get a nice return on their investment.

Pooky said that it has been careful to create a sustainable economic model, making sure its native tokens won’t suffer from inflation. The soulbound $POK token has a capped supply, and there will be different reward pools for each competition, refreshed after each season. The exact amount of rewards players can earn will be calculated based on token in-flow. Unlike other play-to-earn games, players won’t earn rewards just for playing the game – only those who successfully predict the results of games will receive prizes.

In addition, to maintain a balanced supply, Pooky said a portion of the fees players pay to upgrade their Pookyball NFTs would be burned following each transaction.

While Pooky is focused on football now, it intends to expand its prediction game later this year to cover additional sports, including basketball, formula one, and tennis.

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