Flags out! Blur and LooksRare to stop showing third-party flags by default

Flags out! Blur and LooksRare to stop showing third-party flags by default

NFT marketplace Blur has announced that, together with LooksRare, it will no longer show third-party flags in the UI by default, according to a recent Twitter post. Blur and LooksRare made the decision after finding that the flags hurt end-users more than they helped. 

User Interface improvement

The removal of third-party flags, however, has stirred up some concerns within the NFT community. Flags are used to identify potentially fraudulent or inappropriate items, and their removal could expose end-users to unwanted or harmful content. Blur has attempted to address this concern, stating that flags can still be enabled in the View Settings on the collection page if desired.

However, flagged items still cannot sell into bids on Blur regardless of whether they are turned on in the View Settings. Moreover, regardless of the View Settings, sweeping with “Skip Flagged” selected will still skip flagged items.

In the comment section of the Blur and LooksRare post, some fans are excited about the change, while others are curious about the implications of the decision. Tommyk_eth shared his opinion on the matter, saying, “Not a bad move; always thought Opensea’s policy around flagged items was terrible, and frankly, it shouldn’t affect the value of an NFT if it’s flagged on OS.” 

Meanwhile, DaoKwonDo expressed his excitement, writing, “LETS GOOOOOOOOO Opensea, this is what y’all should’ve done a while ago.”

One commenter, Jampzer, raised a concern, asking whether bids could still be made on flagged items. “Interesting. Can you take bids on flagged items? If not, this is pretty counterintuitive,” they said. 

In response, Blur and LooksRare clarified that flagged items could not sell into bids, regardless of whether turned on in the View Settings. Another user was quick to ask why Blur had not enabled bid acceptance. Blur then responded that they were looking into it in the future.

Blur has been giving Opensea a run for their money

Blur’s decision to remove third-party flags comes when NFT trading is surging. In recent months, Blur has overtaken OpenSea as the largest rival to the market leader in terms of trading volume. Despite this growth, Blur has faced criticism over its user interface and the need for more transparency. For now, it is unclear what effect Blur’s choice will have on the NFT market and the larger crypto community.

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