Fewcha DAO Ring NFTs Will Be Available for Collectors This December

Fewcha DAO Ring NFTs Will Be Available for Collectors This December

Fewcha has announced that its DAO Ring collectibles will be made available for collectors this December. The NFTs will give holders exclusive rights to some of the services of the Fewcha ecosystem, says the Fewcha platform.

Holders Have Access To Top Ecosystem Benefits

The recently announced Fewcha DAO Ring collectibles were described by the Fewcha team as the ultimate ring NFT collection. The NFTs are limited edition collectibles from the Fewcha moverse.

The tiered NFTs give the holder access to exclusive privileges available in the Fewcha ecosystem, including governance participation, airdrops, early access to releases, and members of an elite club. The DAO Ring NFTs also grant access to an early release of NFTs within the Fewcha platform.

A Medium post made by the Fewcha team said that they will continue to unlock more features inherent in the ownership of the NFTs as the project roadmap progresses. 

A Six-Tiered NFT Model

Like many other NFT collections, the DAO Ring NFTs will work as membership cards within the platform. The collection is divided into six tiers, each one offering different perks depending on their rarity. The six tiers are as follows:

Tier 1 — Ring of Space

Tier 2 — Ring of Mind

Tier 3 — Ring of Reality

Tier 4 — Ring of Evolution

Tier 5 — Ring of Decentralization

 Tier 6 — Ring of Future

More Than Just 3D Avatars And Works of Art

The statement from the company stated that the DAO Ring NFTs are not merely 3D avatars or art masterpieces but are associated with definite values accessible only to early backers of the ecosystem. The company described the collectibles as digital certificates with the capacity to unlock benefits within the moverse. The statement said that these benefits would continue to increase over time.

The perks available for the collector depend on their DAO Ring’s tier. A breakdown of how the DAO Ring works shows that holders are allocated Fewcha tokens ($FCH) equivalent to the tier of their ring NFT. The company said that this is obviously the most important benefit of holding the DAO Ring. The statement from the company said:

“Besides the DAO governance rights, holders of DAO Ring NFT are eligible for additional airdrops from Fewcha and our broad network of partners, ranging from DeFi protocol, Launchpad, DEX to Borrowing/Lending/Swap, Staking, Marketplace, Hardware Wallet,”

Fewchariana Jones NFTs Badges for Launch Soon

The platform’s Fewchariana Jones NFTs are digital badges that will be launched soon. Holders of the DAO Rings will gain early priority access to these tokens. Other benefits accessible to early backers include a mobile wallet, a marketplace, and more services to be revealed down the line.

The platform plans to launch the Genesis release of 1,000 DAO Ring NFTs. These are accessible to whitelisted winners who can own a maximum of 3 of these NFTs per wallet. To qualify for the whitelist, the collector must obtain a backer-to-be status by joining the platform via its Discord channel. Then they have to confirm their enrollment, which will be announced on the channel.

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