FC Barcelona tackles Plastic Pollution with Plastiks Partnership and NFT Launch

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FC Barcelona tackles Plastic Pollution with Plastiks Partnership and NFT Launch

In an ambitious bid to mitigate the environmental impact of plastic waste, FC Barcelona has teamed up with Plastiks to launch its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This endeavor aims to remove plastic waste equivalent to the debris produced in four football matches, a staggering 8,000 kilograms per game.

Cleaning the ocean of plastic

Every year, our oceans become the final resting place for eight million tons of discarded plastic. This alarming statistic underscores the necessity of innovative solutions to improve the plastic economy and promote responsible waste management.

In response, FC Barcelona and Plastiks’ partnership will result in the recovery of an impressive 1,000,000 kilograms of plastic, equating to 35,000,000 one-litre plastic bottles and the avoidance of 800,000 litres of oil to produce these bottles.

Boasting a global fanbase of over 400 million followers across various social networks, FC Barcelona holds a powerful platform to drive change. This partnership serves as a strategic move to engage its audience in sustainable practices through the world of Web 3.0 and NFTs. The goal: to harness this technological revolution to stimulate environmental conservation.

Unleash your passion!

To that end, FC Barcelona and Plastiks have crafted an exclusive NFT collection. The “Unleash Your Passion” series comprises 3,000 animal-themed digital cards. Each purchase contributes to removing 35,000,000 kilograms of plastic from our environment, turning digital collectibles into a unique force for ecological responsibility.

Although soccer leagues all over Europe, and clubs like Manchester City, have already embraced NFT technology long ago, FC Barcelona has distinguished itself by adding an environmental twist to its collection.

More than mere digital art, the NFT ownership comes with a host of exclusive benefits linked to FC Barcelona. Besides the prestige of owning an artwork designed in collaboration with Plastiks, the NFT purchase signifies backing for environmental care initiatives. Owners will gain access to special fan and collector rewards, including limited edition content and a chance to win one of 10 shirts autographed by FC Barcelona’s first-team players.

Helping Europe and Nato reach sustainability goals

Sustainability remains a top priority for FC Barcelona, one of the three key pillars of its 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. The partnership with Plastiks reaffirms the club’s commitment to sustainable development, aligning its operations with leading benchmark certifications in sustainability.

The “Unleash Your Passion” collection is available for purchase at $30 per digital card. They can be acquired via the Plastiks marketplace, a platform specializing in sustainability-related digital items.

Jordi Portabella, the director of FC Barcelona’s Sustainability Area, was elated with the partnership and what it means for the environment:

“Our alliance with Plastiks propels us towards our United Nations and European Commission goals for 2030 and 2050, particularly in waste management. This project sends a powerful message worldwide, encouraging individuals to contribute towards a sustainable society and environmental recovery.”

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