FC Barcelona and World of Women launch ‘Empowerment’ NFT collection

FC Barcelona and World of Women launch ‘Empowerment’ NFT collection

FC Barcelona, the renowned Spanish soccer institution, has collaborated with NFT project World of Women to reveal the second of its 10-part series named “Masterpieces.” The digital collection showcases the talents and achievements of iconic players, both past and present, from the club.

FC Barcelona – “Més que un club”

“Empowerment”, the latest addition to the series, is a digital artwork inspired by women’s club captain Alexia Putellas. Created by artist Rhi Madeline, it aims to symbolize transformation and progress.

The piece illustrates Putellas during her performance at the Women’s Champions League semi-final match against German club Wolfsburg in 2022. It was a game in which she remarkably scored two goals, a brace, propelling her team to victory.

Exclusive meet-and-greet for NFT holders

“Empowerment” will be auctioned over a two-day period, starting June 26, exclusively via the OpenSea marketplace. The NFT is minted on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon, with physical benefits linked to ownership.

The buyer of the NFT will have the opportunity to meet Putellas in person. Additionally, they will be able to claim a signed pair of boots and a physical seat from Barcelona’s stadium, Camp Nou, signed by the player herself.

Empowering Women’s Soccer

The partnership seeks to enhance the representation of women in soccer and sports generally. The project intends to “truly spotlight the resilience of women through a sports lens while carving out the time for these meaningful discussions on the past and current challenges,” according to Shannon Snow, COO of World of Women.

Shannon Snow also lauded Putellas as an ideal candidate to symbolize their vision, referring to her as one of the most celebrated female soccer athletes and a beacon of progress for women in sports:

“Our goal is to immortalize the perseverance, ambition, and strength of women like Alexia on the blockchain, creating a lasting legacy,”

Astounding success for the first FC Barcelona collection

Previously, Barcelona’s inaugural Masterpiece NFT was dedicated to Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, known for his extraordinary contributions to the club both as a player in the 1970s and later as their most successful manager.

The first Masterpiece NFT, titled “In A Way, Immortal,” was auctioned at Sotheby’s in July 2022. This unique digital artwork on the Polygon network, which included opportunities for personal interactions and a chance to play at Spotify Camp Nou, fetched an impressive $693,000.

The club had also collaborated on an NFT collection to tackle plastic pollution. As Barcelona continues to release its series of ‘Masterpieces’, the club is pioneering the blend of sports, art, and blockchain, creating a lasting digital legacy for its iconic players.

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