Famous DJs Polo & Pan give a new twist to Immortal Chess 

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Famous DJs Polo & Pan give a new twist to Immortal Chess 

The ancient game of chess is getting a contemporary upgrade through an innovative collaboration between Immortal Game and French electronic duo Polo & Pan. In a fresh fusion, the Immortal Game chess video game and Polo & Pan’s musical artistry are coming together to breathe new life into the 1500-year-old board game.

Artistic Chess Pieces

The outcome of the partnership is a collection of 500 unique, limited-edition digital chess pieces available as NFTs, sold exclusively on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Immortal Game is a rapidly expanding Web3 project that falls under the “play-to-earn” category, which provides incentives in the form of its CMT tokens to players for achieving victories and advancing through the game’s leaderboards.

Through the power of Web3 technology, Immortal Game elevates the classic game of chess with added strategic complexity. Immortal Game’s distinctive tokenized digital chess pieces, aptly named “Immortals,” come with optional quests that encourage different gameplay styles.


Polo & Pan, the French electronic music duo, was founded in 2013 by Paul Armand-Delille, also known as “Polocorp,” and Alexandre Grynszpan, who goes by “Peter Pan.” The duo’s music has a unique style that blends electronic music with tropical and world music elements.

With the collaboration of Polo & Pan, the limited edition NFT chess pieces introduce exciting new quests, exclusive access to tournaments, and captivating visual animations and audio soundtracks reflecting the artists’ signature playful and vibrant style. The chess pieces incorporate the same colorful and lively aesthetic as their music.

Taking chess to the next level

Immortal Game’s co-founder and CEO, Thomas Zaepffel, envisions chess as not just a mere game. He sees chess as a cultural phenomenon that offers various real-world advantages.

Holding an Immortal Game NFT grants access to exclusive perks, such as concert tickets, specially curated Spotify playlists, the chance to compete against Polo & Pan online, and the privilege to vote on future collections. Immortal Game aims to draw inspiration from various fields, such as music, arts, sports, and entertainment, to create a unique platform for chess enthusiasts.

Polo & Pan shared their enthusiasm for the collaboration:

“We’re thrilled to be working with Immortal Game on this exciting new project. As longtime fans of chess and gaming, we’re excited to bring our music and aesthetic to this new digital medium.”

By utilizing blockchain and NFTs, Immortal Game aims to expand the reach of chess and build a community around it. The game gained immense popularity during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and further garnered attention after the success of “The Queen’s Gambit” series on Netflix. In fact, the show’s producer, Scott Frank, is now providing counsel to Immortal Game.

Starting from last Friday, enthusiasts and collectors can register for the whitelist on Immortal Game’s platform for a week to purchase the exclusive Polo & Pan co-designed digital assets. The official sale will commence on May 19, featuring 400 NFT pieces priced at $39 per piece and 100 special-edition pieces at $399 each.

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