Exclusive WAGMI Games NFT packs to release on OpenSea

Exclusive WAGMI Games NFT packs to release on OpenSea

WAGMI Games, a community-driven Web3 entertainment and gaming company, unveiled its upcoming Founder’s Packs set to launch exclusively on OpenSea on September 27th. This initiative represents a collaborative endeavor with Gadget-Bot, a reputable art studio known for its iconic designs in notable franchises such as Transformers 4, Jurassic World, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty.

WAGMI Games exclusive drop

Each of the 10,000 NFTs constitutes an unopened card pack, which reveals a playable, story-driven character for WAGMI Defense, the inaugural mobile game by WAGMI Games.

The narrative and characters encapsulated in these packs are tailored to meld seamlessly into the burgeoning and interoperable universe of WAGMI Games, enriching the gaming experience.

On unveiling the packs, players can employ and enhance their characters within WAGMI Defense. The unpacking process incinerates the Founder’s Packs permanently, removing them from circulation. This mechanism underpins a hyper-deflationary ethos on the primary collection hosted on OpenSea, with the initial trove of 10,000 NFTs slated to dwindle as gamers unlock and burn their packs.

The tradability facet of these digital assets further amplifies their allure. Gamers can trade the cards on layer-2 marketplaces like Immutable and Rarible, while unopened Founder’s Pack NFTs remain tradable on the OpenSea platform.

Gaining access to WAGMI Defense

Minters who unveil a Founder’s Pack gain immediate entry to the beta version of WAGMI Defense, a perk before the mobile game rolls out globally. Luis Trujillo, the co-founder of WAGMI Games, shared his enthusiasm regarding the upcoming drop:

“We’re super excited to introduce this collection of one time cards that are a testament to the excitement that is card collecting in WAGMI Defense. And with the evolving of these cards into new rarities the supply becomes less and less which makes them more unique, special and rarer over time,”

The venture mirrors a nostalgic nod to the thrill of opening collectible cards, albeit in a digital format. The contents of each pack span across Rare, Epic, and Legendary tiers of Founder’s cards. Gamers are beckoned to amass a complete set of all 32 Legendary card iterations available.

OpenSea has dedicated a page to accommodate WAGMI Games Founder’s Packs. Prospective buyers and gaming aficionados can delve into the finer details about the mint on the official WAGMI Games website, an indicator of the synergies between gaming and NFT marketplaces.

Future ventures

WAGMI Games epitomizes a pioneering stance in the Web3 transmedia entertainment sphere, striving for mass adoption through the amalgamation of mobile gaming, profound lore, and enthralling storytelling.

The launch trails the strategic alliance between WAGMI Games and OpenSea, a move aligned with WAGMI’s crusade to redefine the NFT space. Future endeavors include the creation of novel NFT collections, like NiFe Wars comics, envisioned to meld the borders between NFTs and digital storytelling, fostering a richer narrative landscape.

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