Ethereum NFT Art drops on mobile: Floor app leads the charge

Ethereum NFT Art drops on mobile: Floor app leads the charge

Imagine a world where you can carry, trade, and sell your Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the palm of your hand. Floor, an application designed for tracking NFT holdings, has taken a significant stride towards achieving this vision. The app is gearing up to market exclusive NFT artwork solely through its iOS and Android platforms.

The advent of mobile-based NFT Art

In a ground-breaking move slated for Wednesday, July 26, Floor will launch the first of 10 anticipated NFT drops in the series known as Icons: Series One. The debut will feature a new piece by Vinnie Hager, an artist famed for his doodle-centric art style evident in Letters, a 2021 NFT project. Hager’s project has already generated a whopping $10 million worth of trading to date.

His latest masterpiece, “Ground Level Garden,” will be available exclusively via the Floor app at an affordable price of $29.99. Notably, this open edition drop offers unlimited minting within the set timeframe, which ensures that the Ethereum NFT will be airdropped to the buyer’s specified wallet without the need for network gas fees.

Exploring new horizons

Details about the artists featured in the remaining ten weekly art drops are yet to be disclosed. However, Floor’s CEO, Chris Maddern, has suggested that these artists are already making waves within the Web3 community. Each piece of artwork will be offered at a price point between $19.99 and $49.99, but the specifics about the type of edition each artwork will be are still under wraps. 

It’s essential to remember that the process of selling NFTs via iOS or Android apps is not without its hurdles, such as the hefty fees, up to 30% of the sale price, imposed by Apple or Google on in-app transactions. This financial barrier could potentially be a major deterrent to the broader adoption of NFTs on mobile platforms, representing a stark contradiction to the decentralized principles of the Web3 ecosystem.

Overcoming the odds

Despite the initial hindrance, some app developers have chosen to bear the cost to facilitate mobile NFT sales. A perfect example of this is Floor, which is ready to pay a share of each NFT sale to both tech giants, Apple and Google. Interestingly, Floor has been actively collaborating with these tech companies in devising their evolving policies to accommodate mobile NFT initiatives.

With the upcoming changes in Google’s policies, which will allow increased NFT integration in Android apps and games on the Play Store, the future of Web3 on mobile platforms seems bright.

Beyond Art: unlocking the extras

Though fundamentally designed as a marketplace for Ethereum-based art pieces, Floor’s Icons series offers an added dimension to the user experience. Those who purchase Icons NFTs unlock the ability to personalize the app’s appearance, as well as the home screen icon, reflecting the distinct aesthetic of each owned Icons NFT. This added layer of interactivity makes each NFT purchase not only a matter of art collection but also a gateway to individualized app customization.

Floor, which amassed $8 million in June 2022 and brought in the former Robinhood Crypto COO, Christine Hall, as co-founder and CEO, is making a strong case for mobile platforms as the drivers of widespread Web3 adoption. They believe that the next wave of growth in Web3 should be fun and interesting, lowering barriers and meeting people where they are—on their phones.

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