Equinoz’s NFT artwork ‘Cybernetics’ sold in 4 minutes at top auction price

Equinoz’s NFT artwork ‘Cybernetics’ sold in 4 minutes at top auction price

An NFT auction held on behalf of a 3D artist, Equinoz, sold out in just 4 minutes. The surprising sale hosted by the NFT marketplace, PlayNomm, on January 31 was slated to last for 7 days, with prospective buyers offering their highest bids. However, the artwork was bought by a single collector for the highest buyout price of $16,937 proposed by Equinoz, thus effectively ending the auction.

NFTs bordering on the real and virtual worlds

The sale of the artwork, known as Cybernetics, is the second sale in a pre-event drop showcasing the works of several artists. A third pre-drop in the series of auctions is scheduled for February 16 as a run-up to the NFT Korea Festival.

Equinoz is considered one of the top NFT artists in the PlayNomm marketplace. The digital artist is known for works that are composed of intertwined delicate images that show the virtual and real components in their expressions. Cybernetics is one of the artworks from the creator done under a collection known as “Visible Future”.

A February 1 press release said that Equinoz collections sell on NFT marketplace platforms such as SuperRare and OpenSea. Their works also span themes and subjects such as games, fashion, commercial videos, music, and clothing brands.

Sold out despite crypto winter

The Equinoz Cybernetics is one of three pre-drop auction sales scheduled on PlayNomm in preparation for the NFT Korea Festival. The first is ‘Light in the Shadow’ , an artwork from Shavonne Wong, which sold for 65,800LM ($26,766). The second is Equinoz’s Cybernetics, while the third auction is the work of Davey Perkins, which will go on sale on February 16th. 

PlayNomm CEO, Sung-Uk Moon, commented on the collections:

“We have experienced a lot of interest and sold out for our 1st and 2nd limited pre-drop, even in this crypto winter. Through this, we could tell that users are still very interested in NFTs. So, starting with the NFT Korea Festival at DDP in March, playNomm will make a step in expanding the NFT ecosystem and becoming the global NFT Hub.”

PlayNomm officials said that the company is the first NFT marketplace 2.0 subsidiary of the Web3 platform, LeisureMetaverse. Some of its unique features include a unique token economics which is based on the Act to Earn (A2E) model of reward for participants and users of the ecosystem. Its real-world utility sets it apart, according to the account of the company.

A gathering of Web3 industry leaders in Asia

NFT South Korea Festival is the largest gathering of Web3 industry players in Asia. The event is slated to be held on March 7th – 8th, 2023 at DPP, Seoul. Among the top sponsors of the event is Superchief Gallery NFT which has Equinoz as one of its artists. Superchief Gallery NFT and PlayNomm are the main hosts of the event.

An update said that more than 120 NFT artworks would be on display during the festival. These are works from top global brands and artists from South Korea. Prominent leaders in the Web3 industry will be on hand to share their experiences and thoughts on trending issues during the festival.

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