Epic Games plans to add several web3 games to its marketplace

Epic Games plans to add several web3 games to its marketplace

Epic Games, the company behind the hit game Fortnite, plans to broaden its gaming marketplace by introducing almost 20 additional games powered by blockchain technology in the following year.

Epic Games embracing web3 gaming

As per an Axios report, Steve Allison, the head of Epic Games Store, stated that the firm already has five of these games on its platform, with Blankos Block Party and Core, a metaverse platform, receiving an enthusiastic response from gamers. However, the company will not participate in the creation or publishing of these games.

Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party was the inaugural cryptocurrency-powered game to become available on Epic Games, one of the largest online gaming marketplaces. This free-to-play, multiplayer party game offers players the opportunity to gather and customize their own digital vinyl toys, dubbed Blankos, while venturing through an array of player-designed maps and game modes.

Allison stressed that Epic Games is aware of the potential harm to its reputation that certain cryptocurrency ventures can pose. He ensured gamers that the platform would not abide by any “bad behavior” from gaming projects. In other words, we will not see scam projects and web3 games with predatory business models being listed on Epic Games.

Evolving gaming industry

Epic Games opened its doors to blockchain-based games in late 2021 after Steam, the largest videogame online store, announced it would be banning crypto games from its platform.

The listing of the new games on the Epic Games store is a testament to how the gaming industry is slowly opening up to web3. If more game developers and publishers follow suit in adopting this technology, the gaming industry could experience a substantial transformation in the way games are played and monetized.

Every time a traditional gaming studio makes any attempt to incorporate NFTs and other blockchain-based technologies, they are met with resistance from the gaming community. While Blankos Block Party and Core have proven successful, no web3 game has successfully conquered the heart of the gaming community as of yet.

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