Epic Games lists Blockchain Brawlers on its store

Epic Games lists Blockchain Brawlers on its store

Epic Games Store (EGS), a digital distribution platform operated by the creator of Fortnite, has recently broadened its horizons by listing Blockchain Brawlers on its platform. As blockchain gaming continues to gain traction, Epic Game’s decision to host Blockchain Brawlers underscores its intent to cater to evolving gamer interests.

New addition to Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store continues to diversify its library by embracing Blockchain Brawlers, a game that melds the intriguing world of NFTs with gaming.

Renowned for its extensive collection of PC games and with a reach spanning over 230 million PC gamers globally, EGS’s addition of Blockchain Brawlers further emphasizes the burgeoning synergy between blockchain technology and the world of gaming.

Inside Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers, supported by the Web3 ecosystem and affiliated with the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), ventures into the wrestling arena. Players have the opportunity to command a variety of NFT characters, leading them into wrestling matches and earning $BRWL tokens. These tokens can be leveraged to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Designed with inclusivity in mind, Blockchain Brawlers allows players to delve into its core features without mandatory blockchain interactions. However, those interested in exploring advanced NFT enhancements can do so, facilitated by an integrated Cloudwallet system.

The minds behind the game

The game’s development has notable fingerprints. Co-designed by Richard Garfield, acclaimed for his role in creating Magic: The Gathering, Blockchain Brawlers boasts of a strong pedigree.

Additionally, it marks the debut game from WAX’s dedicated gaming wing, Tyranno Studios. Under the leadership of industry veteran Michael Rubinelli, who has prior associations with industry giants like Disney, Playdom, Electronic Arts, and THQ, the game aims to offer a comprehensive gaming experience.

The introduction of Blockchain Brawlers on the Epic Games Store platform is a noteworthy event, highlighting the ever-evolving dynamics of the gaming industry. As blockchain and gaming continue to intersect, the EGS’s diverse offerings pave the way for a broader spectrum of Web3 gaming experiences.

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