End of an era: Versum NFT platform announces closure

End of an era: Versum NFT platform announces closure

Versum, a name synonymous with NFT artists, collectors, and Tezos enthusiasts, has declared its intention to discontinue its services, marking the end of its journey in the ever-evolving NFT landscape. This decision, although saddening for its vast community, showcases the rough nature of bear markets.

A legacy of creative synergy

In a heartfelt message, the founders extended their gratitude, saying, “You’ve made Versum a vibrant space for artists, collectors, and Tezos NFT enthusiasts alike.”

The platform, celebrated as a vibrant hub of imagination, served as a haven for numerous individuals who didn’t just interact with it but flourished within its confines, forging connections that, in the words of the founders, were “nothing short of heartwarming.”

The reasons behind the shutdown remain unspecified, but the founders reassure their community that this decision, however challenging, is necessary. Although the platform is winding down, the indomitable spirit of the Versum community is expected to resurface and shine in future platforms and innovative endeavors.

Structured shutdown: The timeline

Understanding the concerns of its community, Versum has laid out a structured shutdown plan:

October 20th – Minting on the ITEMs contract will be stopped.

November 1st – Creation of new market listings will be barred.

November 14th – The marketplace contract will be frozen, limiting actions to listing cancellations.

December 1st – The Versum site will take its final bow.

The afterlife of Versum NFTs and a path to decentralization

In the post-Versum world, the company guarantees that ITEMs, the heart of its many NFTs collections, will remain safe and tradeable. In a nod to the decentralized ethos of the blockchain, Versum will unlock ITEMs for trading across any future marketplace, ensuring their legacy lives on.

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Chef Vader (Source: versum.xyz)

Versum will bequeath the administration of Materia to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), with Materia functioning as its governance token. By locking themselves out of any further administrative capabilities and removing certain restrictions on tokens, Versum emphasizes the power and future of decentralized systems.

The announcement marks the sunset of one platform but may herald the dawn of many more powered by the resilient spirit of the Versum community.

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