Encore performance: Apple Music’s integration into STEPN

Encore performance: Apple Music’s integration into STEPN

Move-to-earn protocol STEPN has fortified its partnership with Apple by seamlessly integrating Apple Music. This collaboration underscores the growing union between tech giants and rising Web3 platforms.

A seamless musical integration

Users of STEPN, a Web3 application developed by Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), can now enjoy their favorite Apple Music playlists directly within the app.

To access this feature, an Apple account is required. Regardless of device preference, this integration is available to all. Both iOS and Android users can tap into this rhythm, with Android users simply downloading the Apple Music app from the Play Store to join the beat.

In a twist that adds its unique flavor, STEPN has also curated its exclusive playlist. It’s a melody that resonates with the app’s ethos and is readily accessible within the Apple Music menu.

STEPN x Apple

This symphony between STEPN and Apple isn’t their debut performance. Earlier, the duo wowed the audience by incorporating Apple Pay into the STEPN platform, setting precedents for other Web3 platforms to follow.

This innovative move distinguished STEPN as the first Web3 application to seamlessly weave in Apple Pay, streamlining in-app transactions. Beyond convenience, this offered enhanced security by ensuring users’ card details remained outside the reach of individual apps.

Marrying the prowess of a tech giant like Apple with a nascent Web3 entity like STEPN emphasizes the growing importance of decentralized technologies in our daily technological rhythm.

Melodies of progress

STEPN merges social engagement with gamification, enabling users to purchase NFT Sneakers and use them to earn tokens while they walk in real life. Now, thanks to the new partnership with Apple, users of the move-to-earn app can listen to their favorite songs on the app while they take a stroll.

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