Elena Von Kohn Releases New Art Collection on OpenSea

Elena Von Kohn Releases New Art Collection on OpenSea

Celebrated German artist Elena Von Kohn unveils her well-received new digital art collection titled “Dancing With Gravity” on 29th November.

Elena Von Kohn’s New Digital NFT Art Collection

Elena’s new NFT collection is causing a stir in the art world, and the latest offerings in the series are undoubtedly mesmerizing.

The NFT art collection is a fully digital masterpiece of the original oil on canvas paintings. According to Elena, her unique style of Figurative Enigmatic Surrealism draws from abstract impressionism and surrealism. Still, it stands alone by stating so much and asking many questions on each canvas.

Von Kohn’s NFT art collection, Dancing with Gravity, includes The Principle of Escape, Thru the Isle of Manifestation, Pieces of Eden, Age of Diversity, etc. Some art enthusiasts described Von Kohn’s newest collection as a “fresh perspective” through a “provocative lens” on the world. Others also resonated with the NFT artworks as an “enigma of movement.”

Josh Levine, a recognized art expert and appraiser, is pleased and confident about Von Kohn’s latest collection’s direction. Levine believes the new masterpiece will shake up the NFT artwork craze. He said:

“Von Kohn’s latest series is both dynamic & mesmerizing. It is a non-conforming analog the NFT Art World has yet seen.”

The NFT art community and anyone interested in art can access Dancing with Gravity, a collection of five digital art pieces, via OpenSea.

Controversies Surrounding Von Kohn’s New Digital Art Collection

Controversies are common in the art world and have occurred throughout history as artists attempt to subvert dominant societal structures and push the world to see life differently.

Even though Von Kohn is a renowned artist globally, her newest collection, Dancing with Gravity, has been praised by experts, and at the same time, others have called the pieces too provocative.

However, Von Kohn believes that the controversies arising are a testament to her work’s ability to create discussion. She noted:

“I aim to give the viewer a speculative, meditative experience. Artists have always caused controversy. What are we if we don’t push people to think beyond their boundaries, subvert societal structures, and see life differently?”

Von Kohn’s artistic style combines elements of abstract impressionism and surrealism, which has her included alongside Cezanne, Munch, Dali, and Degas. Her inclusion of art into OpenSea complements the quality of NFT art up to a level, and her collection has attracted serious acquisitions for NFT art collectors.

One collector, Markus Brody, praised Von Kohn’s artwork by saying, “This painting by Von Kohn is a wonderful example of her unique style. The artist has done a fantastic job of creating a dream-like scene that is both intriguing and beautiful. The use of color and light is particularly effective, and the overall composition is simply stunning.”

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