eBay expands into Web3 space via NFT job opportunities

eBay expands into Web3 space via NFT job opportunities

Various job listings on LinkedIn indicate that one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, Ebay, is looking to fill several roles in Web3 and Non-fungible Token (NFT) technologies. Ebay is particularly seeking a creative crypto attorney to guide them in developing and commercializing Knownorigin, a platform it acquired in 2022.

Expansion of eBay into the crypto and NFTs sector

Ebay has finally commenced taking steps toward joining the crypto space via mergers and acquisitions. This is consistent with the remarks made last February 2022 about NFTs by Jamie Iannone, president and CEO of Ebay. Iannone predicted that the marketplace, Knownorigin, would become a haven for trading physical and digital products.

Before buying KnownOrigin, eBay introduced its own Genesis NFT Collection, which includes 13 limited-edition digital collectibles like green, gold, platinum, and diamond-tier NFTs. These animated and 3D renditions represent legendary sportspeople that have appeared on Sports Illustrated covers over the years.

The collection was introduced in collaboration with OneOf, a leading green NFT platform for music, sports, and lifestyle communities. eBay later purchased the KnownOrigin marketplace to increase its presence in the digital collectibles market.

Recently, the company also announced a partnership with Notable Live, resulting in a planned release of an NFT collection for sports fans.

Individuals are applying for open positions

The NFT and the Web3 sector have recently been highlighted in a list of positions eBay has opened. The program reflects eBay’s concentration on KnownOrigin.io, an online marketplace for digital art backed by Ethereum that eBay purchased back in June 2022.

By combining eBay’s reach and reputation with KnownOrigin’s cutting-edge technology, the business claims that acquiring KnownOrigin is advantageous for both sides. As well as bringing a new era of digital collecting to the world’s leading destination for collectibles, it empowers a new wave of NFT producers, merchants, and consumers. Now, people are flocking to apply for these positions.

For the Crypto Council position, 22 LinkedIn users have applied so far. The ideal applicant will work closely with numerous business teams within eBay, offering legal counsel on NFTs, blockchain, and other Web3 issues. Along with guiding country-specific regulatory needs, such as strategic and legal assistance for new products or features, the tasks will also entail monitoring regulatory and policy developments regarding blockchain and digital assets.

The other highly contested position is the Tech Lead position, which has drawn 12 candidates and is ideal for someone with extensive and sound experience with cloud platforms like Google Cloud and AWS. The Tech Lead will design Web3 native protocols that can be used by KnownOrigin and the larger eBay group, construct the future of NFTs and crypto goods for eBay and KnownOrigin, and deliver centralized and decentralized solutions that can scale to the web.

Crypto adoption is growing among international corporations

Other marketplaces with international presence are also rallying to spearhead crypto adoption. Companies like Walmart and Amazon have already shown their interest in the technology, with Amazon advertising for jobs. 

One position that caught the eyes of many is a Web3 position to drive adoption using AWS. This position attracted 41 applications. In other news, BNY Mellon, a banking firm, recently nominated Caroline Butler as the new CEO of digital assets on February 2.

These job openings and positions demonstrate that many significant business organizations are eying blockchain and crypto services, even though the crypto industry has experienced many layoffs. These developments encourage crypto users but do not guarantee everything will work out.

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