Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist unveil surprise album on Gala Music

Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist unveil surprise album on Gala Music

Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist recently unraveled years of fan speculation and anticipation by releasing their long-rumored album “Voir Dire” on Gala Music, an NFT-backed, decentralized streaming platform. But the album wasn’t just dropped; it was revealed through a week of cryptic clues and fervent fan speculation.

Midnight unveiling

The surprise album was unveiled at midnight ET, putting to rest years of rumors and affirming the existence of the album that had been talked about in hushed tones among fan communities. Earl had last officially spoken about the album in 2021, revealing that it had been uploaded to YouTube under a pseudonym. 

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Album Cover (Source; Gala Music)

The album remained unfound despite fans desperately searching through YouTube’s vast repository, adding a layer of enigma around whether the album even existed.

Cryptic clues and frenzied fans

Prior to the album’s drop, a weeklong scavenger hunt set the internet ablaze. QR codes on the merchandise at Earl‘s tour for his 10-year-old album, “Doris,” led fans to Gala’s website. 

Cryptic messages and riddles continued to appear on the site and also at “Doris” anniversary concerts in various cities, escalating the sense of impending revelation. As one puzzle led to another, fans gradually pieced together the evidence, even as a fair number of skeptics warned against getting their hopes up.

NFT ownership and experience

The “Voir Dire” album on Gala Music has another unique aspect—it’s backed by NFTs. Fans who scanned QR codes at Earl’s concerts this past week discovered that they now own a limited edition NFT of a “Voir Dire” track. These music NFTs, beyond being collectibles, offer real-world utility. 

They can be used to earn rewards on the Gala platform, which can then be converted into real-world experiences like a FaceTime call with Earl and The Alchemist or even an appearance in one of Earl’s music videos.

A path forward for Crypto in mainstream media

Gala Music’s Head of Partnerships, Julian Khalifa, sees the experiment as a new template for how crypto and mainstream culture can coalesce. 

Khalifa emphasized the importance of prioritizing the fan-artist connection, asserting that most fans interacting with the platform don’t even realize they’re dealing with a Web3 interface. He believes that the allure of a direct relationship with artists could convert even the most crypto-skeptic music fans.

The Earl Sweatshirt Enigma continues

The unveiling of “Voir Dire” opens a new chapter in the long-standing enigma surrounding Earl Sweatshirt. Why he chose to release an album in this convoluted, cryptic manner, particularly in the middle of a tour for a different album, is the riddle that remains. His team’s only comment was cryptically succinct: “They didn’t find the album on YouTube.” This suggests that the mystique that envelops Earl is likely to continue, keeping fans both perplexed and enthralled in equal measure.

As fans gather in London for the live debut of “Voir Dire,” they might find more questions than answers. But for many, that is the allure of Earl-World: a realm where the lines between truth and artifice are perpetually blurred, yet incredibly captivating.

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