Duckies and the unstoppable power of NFT communities

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Duckies and the unstoppable power of NFT communities

Yellow Duckies, a famed NFT trading card initiative, shines as an emblem of blockchain’s community-driven ethos.

The importance of community building

Late 2020 saw an explosion in the NFT market. Celebrities, financial institutions, and the public were swept up in its allure. But the enthusiasm was ephemeral; a crypto winter and growing skepticism soon led to a retreat from its peak.

In the wake of 2020’s fervor, only a fraction of NFT projects stood tall. Beyond outliers like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which boasted a trading volume of $1.6 billion in 2022, success was tied to tangible utility. Notably, NFT trading card games emerged as frontrunners, promising users both utility and an enticing gaming experience.

But what separated the winners from the mere flashes in the pan? Community. In a world where blockchain still confounds many and where the Fear-of-Missing-Out (FOMO) reigns, initial project success can be deceptive. Without inherent value or unique appeal, these ventures wane quickly. The real momentum, it appears, stems from robust community support.

Trading card games: the perfect fit for NFTs

Take NFT card games. They’re not just about amassing cards. They offer a platform to use these cards in enjoyable ways, and the merging and minting of new NFTs brings another layer of allure. An excellent example of this is Gods Unchained, one of the most acclaimed Web3 games ever created.

But absent a community core—a space for discussion, trading, and collaborative play—these projects rarely achieve longevity or profitability.

Enter Duckies

Rooted in blockchain’s foundational principle of empowering the community, Yellow Duckies was birthed by a collaboration between Yellow Trading and Openware. They envisioned enhancing their Layer 3 P2P network, championing trading while ensuring adherence to modern compliance protocols.

With the merged community of both companies, Duckies hit the market with a roar. What started as a rewards scheme for Yellow swiftly gained traction. The collection set the stage for a promising journey by giving back to its community, thus creating a reciprocal relationship.

NFT projects draw value from active community participation. Without a user base keen on trading, establishing a market becomes an uphill battle. Leveraging its inherent community, Duckies swiftly took off, securing new clientele and charting a success story.

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Current statistics are compelling: 108,000 $DUCKIEs holders and 13,000 cardholders in the Ducking NFT game. Some NFTs even fetched over $1,000 worth of digital assets.

Staying truth to itself

Duckies never deviated from its roots. Recognizing the potency of broad-based support, they harnessed their initial community to foster engagement. As this base drove up value and interest, the broader NFT world took notice. By centering on the community, Duckies crafted a self-propelling success story.

The takeaway? NFT projects sans community seldom thrive. Yellow Duckies is a testament to the magic of marrying innovation with community backing. Its trajectory offers a blueprint for the NFT realm.

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