Ducati Races into Web 3.0: A landmark partnership with NFT PRO

Ducati Races into Web 3.0: A landmark partnership with NFT PRO

Ducati, the distinguished Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer, has officially announced its grand entry into the Web 3.0 landscape. This move is actualized in a groundbreaking partnership with NFT PRO, the premier corporate white-label NFT solution for global brands.

Digital wheelies and Web 3.0 stunts

Ducati’s recent move reiterates the significance of digital experiences for its devoted fan base. Over the forthcoming months, Ducati intends to fuel its digital engagement through the creation of new digital aggregation spaces, NFT collections, and a host of activities intrinsic to the Web 3.0 universe.

The venture will also be powered by Ripple, the leading technical ally on the ultra-fast, eco-friendly, and cost-effective XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain.

Voices from the pit lane

Claudio Domenicali, Ducati’s CEO, shares his excitement about this leap into Web 3.0:

“This entry signifies an extension in the services we offer our Ducatisti community, getting us even closer to them. It also paves the way for Ducati to engage a new community of NFT enthusiasts, allowing them to immerse themselves in unique Ducati-style experiences and collect digital assets exclusive to this new brand dimension.”

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On the other side of this partnership, Christian Ferri, CEO of NFT PRO, voices his enthusiasm:

“Working with an iconic motorcycle brand like Ducati is a dream come true. As a passionate rider myself, devising a strategy to introduce Ducati to a new audience has been exhilarating. We’re incredibly proud to spearhead Ducati’s NFT launch and look forward to developing more engaging projects for their fans.”

Ducati’s digital journey

From the get-go, Ducati has been a digital pioneer, leveraging new technologies to captivate, entertain, and ignite the passion of its worldwide fan community. Notable milestones in Ducati’s digital journey include the online sale of its first motorcycle in 2000, the inception of Desmoblog – a platform for the Ducatisti community and Ducati’s upper management to exchange views, and interactive chats with Ducati Corse riders.

With technological advancements, Ducati extended its digital offerings, leveraging every opportunity from the dawn of social media to the development of smartphone applications, all aimed at enhancing the Ducatisti experience. The MyDucati application further fortified the bond between Ducati, its Official Dealers, and the Ducatisti, personalizing the Ducati brand experience.

A new chapter in Ducati’s digital tale

Ducati’s foray into Web 3.0 is the latest chapter in its digital evolution. In collaboration with NFT PRO, the new project aims to enhance the joy of riding and community engagement while offering new digital products and services. With Ducati throttling into this new realm, the motorcycle world eagerly awaits more details about the new digital services and goods due to be revealed in the coming months.

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