Dubai Verse Cup combines the best of horse racing and Metaverse gaming

Dubai Verse Cup combines the best of horse racing and Metaverse gaming

Dubai Verse Cup (DVC) offers users an unparalleled experience, combining Dubai’s rich horse racing culture with the Metaverse’s fast-expanding play-to-earn (P2E) model. It allows users to enjoy horse racing on their handheld devices and AR/VR gadgets while earning significant rewards and NFT assets in the form of $DVCC tokens.

Blockchain-based gaming

Metaverse-based virtual gaming ecosystems are, without a doubt, the new frontier of the gaming industry. They allow gamers to indulge in next-level, immersive gaming experiences, leveraging 3D spaces where they can interact closely with elements around them.

Metaverse gaming is gaining traction globally. A study by Ernst & Young showed that 48% of executives believe that gaming is poised to drive revenues and give brands a new opportunity to engage with their customers.

Looking to keep pace with these rapidly changing developments, Dubai Verse Cup is offering its own gaming experience. The game, set in the heart of the virtual Meydan racecourse, allows players to exchange tokens for horses, perks, skins, and avatars, making the game a thriving marketplace.

Combining horse racing with metaverse technology

DVC combines Dubai’s robust horse racing environment with cutting-edge metaverse gaming, so partnering with Dubai Racing Club, the best and most popular in the industry, seemed like a remarkably intuitive decision. We believe that Dubai Verse Cup’s play-to-earn game strategy will be further developed thanks to this collaboration.

The beta version of the game offers a stunning experience, and DVC is also working to build an open platform that welcomes users and third-party developers to generate more immersive content and ultimately improve user experience. DVC is also fully committed to influencing the direction of Metaverse-based horse racing in Dubai and across the UAE.

Extensive background in technology and project management

With the Emirate’s history of building and commissioning innovative projects, the company believes that the game’s novelty will enable further growth for DVCC Metaverse Tech. With a strong background in areas including the metaverse, virtual reality, digital cities, and gaming, DVC has approximately 20 years of combined technological and project management expertise in the internet industry.

To its credit, DVC has led and participated in several major internet research and development projects. Its industry reputation is unblemished.

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