Droppp unveils exclusive Funko Power Rangers The Movie NFTs

Droppp unveils exclusive Funko Power Rangers The Movie NFTs

Droppp has announced a new release of Funko Power Rangers The Movie non-fungible tokens (NFTs), set to launch on August 22 at 2 pm ET. This eagerly anticipated Series 2 will focus on the 1995 classic “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie”, which was produced by 20th Century Fox.

Power Rangers packs for $9.99

The NFT drop follows an unusually long wait since the last Funko NFT release on July 13th. Now, fans can look forward to the second installment of Funko Power Rangers NFTs, featuring some of the most beloved characters from the franchise.

The packs for the Funko Power Rangers The Movie NFTs will be available for order on August 22nd. The packs will be priced at $9.99 for five NFTs and $29.99 for 15 NFTs. Both packs are limited to 22,500 each. Given the popularity of previous Funko NFT drops, fans are advised to be ready at 11 am PT to secure their chance at these new movie items.

Included in the offering are at least five physical Funko Pops, showcasing characters like Billy, Kimberly, Tommy, and Aisha, who make up the legendary NFTs. Additionally, Freddy Funko will appear as Ivan Ooze in the Royalty set.

Dulcea will be the rarest collectible, the Grail of the NFT set. An image file found on Droppp named ‘grail-packs-hero-small’ clearly indicates Dulcea’s rarity and highly coveted status. Despite the perceived weaker physical Funko Pops in this drop, the NFTs are still expected to sell out quickly.

Lack of movie merchandising

Merchandise from the original movie has always been rare. Most of the available products were repackaged or repainted from existing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) items.

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Original Movie Poster (Source: IMDB)

In celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary in 2015, Bandai America launched the inaugural action figures featuring the movie suits and the antagonist Ivan Ooze. However, Hasbro had not officially released any items related to the movie until now.

The rights to the movie have been a subject of debate for years. Hasbro’s access to designs from the film had been unclear, as the movie never saw any Lightning Collection releases. Although products like the Ninjetti Figures, Tenga Warriors, and Movie Morphers were launched in connection with the film, none of them carried any movie-specific branding.

It’s Morphin’ Time!

The release of Funko Power Rangers The Movie NFTs is sure to be a hit among admirers of the classic 1995 film. The film featured original characters and suit designs that have not been seen since its release, making this new drop of NFTs particularly exciting for fans.

As the countdown to the drop begins, enthusiasts are gearing up for a chance to own a piece of Power Rangers history.

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