Driving on the digital highway: Renault Korea’s NFT endeavor

Driving on the digital highway: Renault Korea’s NFT endeavor

Renault Korea Motors is accelerating into the digital sphere with a unique campaign aimed at the younger, more tech-savvy demographic. This inventive initiative, entitled “Create Your SM6”, combines cutting-edge technologies and a bold foray into the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.

Participants are invited to flex their creative muscles and design their version of the SM6 sedan, a top-tier model from the French auto behemoth. This interactive exercise employs an AI-based design tool, Stable Diffusion, enabling drivers to sculpt their vehicular dreams into digital reality.

Tokens of appreciation: NFTs & Cryptocurrency

As a way to fuel participation, the company is offering digital coins as a reward for these NFT masterpieces. Participants are not merely creating a digital car; they’re creating and submitting a unique NFT image of their SM6 design.

These NFTs aren’t just faceless assets. They are accompanied by a description crafted by using ChatGPT, OpenAI’s renowned chatbot. The innovative program has received an overwhelming response, with nearly 14,000 submissions already made, even as the deadline looms this Friday.

Renault plans to select 10 winning entries, rewarding the winners with digital tokens crafted from their NFT artworks. The winners will also receive Klaytn cryptocurrency, adding another layer of intrigue to the mix. But that’s not the end of the road – more promotions are in the pipeline for the finalists.

A hat-trick of digital Initiatives

The “Create Your SM6” campaign represents the third gear of Renault’s NFT journey. It follows last year’s “Create Your Epic Car” campaign in October and the “XM3 E-Tech Hybrid Meta Unpacked” campaign in November, which celebrated the virtual launch of the compact car.

Each campaign marks a step in Renault’s commitment to providing customers with a variety of experiences within the digital mobility space. An official from Renault Korea stated, “We will continue our digital journey for our customers in an ever-evolving Web 3.0 digital era.”

The Metaverse connection

Notably, Renault Korea has been making strategic alliances to expand its digital presence. Last July, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with Singapore’s Altava Group. The carmaker also teamed up with metaverse gaming developer the Sandbox last September, launching NFTs, blockchain games, and virtual reality products.

The innovative campaigns of Renault Korea demonstrate a keen understanding of the growing intersections between technology, creativity, and the auto industry. As it gears up to continue its journey in the digital era, it’s clear that Renault Korea is driven to stay ahead of the curve.

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