Dr Disrespect unveils new trailer for NFT game ‘Deadrop’

Dr Disrespect unveils new trailer for NFT game ‘Deadrop’

Dr Disrespect, one of the most popular gaming streamers, has just unveiled a new trailer for his upcoming game ‘Deadrop’. The initial reactions suggest that the blockchain-based game might exceed expectations.

Deadrop new trailer

The latest teaser for Deadrop is now available for fans, and the feedback has been largely positive. Showcased on Twitter (X), the approximately 30-second trailer paints “Deadrop” as a thrilling, high-octane game, reminiscent of a battle royale version of Need for Speed—but with added firepower.

Deadrop is being developed by Midnight Society, the video game development studio established by Dr Disrespect.

Building up hype

Skepticism surrounds “Deadrop,” primarily due to its inclusion of NFTs and the fact that it’s the Dr Disrespect’s maiden venture into game development. Details are scarce, making gamers even more eager to see if the final product will match the hype.

For now, Deadrop is in its early stages, accessible only to those who secured the Founders Pass NFT program. As anticipation builds, there’s no official word on the game’s release date. However, Midnight Society has teased that beyond its PC debut, “Deadrop” is slated for eventual PlayStation and Xbox launches.

Dr Disrespect’s journey

Once a staple on Twitch, Dr Disrespect shifted gears after a ban in June 2020. Now thriving on YouTube, his channel boasts a staggering 4.5 million subscribers. His livestreams, consistently attracting views in the hundreds of thousands, indicate that the content king has remained undeterred post-Twitch.

Some might not know that Dr Disrespect’s ties with the gaming industry go deep. In 2011, he joined Sledgehammer Games, the studio behind Call of Duty, serving as its community manager for four years. He recently criticized Call of Duty development team for focusing too much on skins instead of gameplay.

The famous streamer has been one of the few figures in the gaming community to defend the integration of NFTs into video games.

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