Doodles NFT project announces new wearables curated by Pharrell Williams

Doodles NFT project announces new wearables curated by Pharrell Williams

NFT project Doodles has launched a new line of digital wearables. Singer Pharrell Williams organized the wearables to further their goal of building a distinctive universe that connects intellectual property and social identity while rewarding community interaction. 

Doodles rewards the community with wearables

According to a report by Rogue Business, Doodles is taking a step toward its objective of building a universe that connects intellectual property and social identity. The company rewards community engagement by releasing a line of physical wearables curated by Pharrell Williams, the chief brand officer. 

Rogue Business stated that 300 “Pharrell-Packs” of digital wearables would be free to everyone as part of the Doodles 2 collection, launched this year and is still in beta. Holders of Doodles 2, a group of pastel-colored cartoon characters, some of which are humans and others of which are objects and animals, can now customize their Doodles. 

The original collection is limited to 10,000 pieces and can be sold for more than one ETH. The collection is intended to increase community accessibility. 

According to the reports, Williams collaborates with his companies Billionaire Boys Club’s sub-brand Ice Cream and Humanrace to customize each Pharrell-Pack. Each bag will contain one physical redemption token and three brand digital wearables.

Two hundred fifty-two pairs of the Pharrell x Adidas Humanrace Samba sneakers were up for grabs, as well as 12 pairs of the 50th anniversary green Sambas. The firms will send the remaining 36 holders various goods, such as an Ice Cream skateboard deck or a Humanrace sweater. The “OG” Doodle NFT holders can purchase the digital wearables released on April 28.

“Dooplicator” and “Genesis box” among tasks for Doodles’ airdrop raffle

To win an airdropped bundle, original Doodle owners must complete a set of tasks, including making first-edition wearables using a “Dooplicator,” creating second-edition wearables by opening a “Genesis box,” and registering a Stoodio account.

According to Holguin, the engagement measures encourage community interaction and create a link between the natural and digital worlds.

The idea is to be exclusive while recognizing community involvement by providing access to hyped, limited-edition physical sneakers that users may wear in real life and on their Google Doodle.

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