Doodles hires new consultant for DoodleBank

Doodles hires new consultant for DoodleBank

Doodles has decided to hire Meebits @kaigani, the creator of the interactive NFT project. He will be the new advisor of its community treasury DoodleBank. Together with Dan Sickles, Kai was the executive producer of the inaugural NFT documentary, “New Here”. Now he welcomes his new position and reveals his future plans for Doodles.

Kai’s future plans for Doodles

Kai is looking forward to bringing innovation to the NFT Doodles brand. Having worked on several successful NFT projects, Kai has over 25 years of experience in a variety of CAD (Computer Aided Design). His areas of focus are media, entertainment (Sony, Netflix), and product development. Since 2017, Kai has been a leading thought leader in the NFT industry. 

He is building #Media3 as the meeting point of Web3 media and entertainment. His first collaboration with Art Block was auctioned at Sotheby’s. In fact, he is a generative artist who has made many deposits and collaborations on Art Blocks.

The new advisor wants to help the team update the DoodleBank plan with “a clearer vision, strategic direction and roadmap”. Since 2017, Kai and the Doodles team have developed a close relationship. 

He also has 10 Doodles in his collection. On Twitter, the NFT specialist said about the Doodles initiative that he has always believed in them. He has long been confident in their potential to become one of the leading entertainment brands.

To maximize the use of the DoodleBank funding, Kai also states that he will be seeking feedback from the Doodles community in the coming weeks.

Fans to enjoy new features in the Doodles 2 ecosystem

Doodles is committed to providing its fans with fantastic and exciting opportunities. It also wants to offer a new experience through the Doodles 2 NFT project early in the new year. The company said that Doodles 2 had been designed to be flexible in terms of customization.

Doodles is offering a beta entry for fans to create their NFT Doodles. This is in addition to last year’s Genesis box sale and Dooplicator drops. 

The company stressed that its NFT would be developed by and for creators. It can integrate with the internet, blockchain, and even real life, as it can live anywhere. Unlimited digital identities will be the centerpiece of the Doodles 2 collections.

Doodles makes user satisfaction its main goal

Users can change the appearance of their Doodles based on their skin tone, current emotions, and even physical characteristics. After acquiring the animation studio Golden Wolf, the company will integrate animation into the development of dynamic Doodles 2 collections for everyone. 

In addition, users will be able to mix and match different outfits from the new collections. These include clothing, technology, and even accessories, among others.

They will be able to share their personalized Doodles on social media platforms. The interaction will also be possible in real life, and through other exciting community integrations the company has in store. In addition, it will be possible to buy NFT Doodles from other owners, sell their collections or even trade them.

The company has also announced the launch of new clothing lines. These advanced customization options will be available through high-profile launches. Some of these will offer online shopping options. The brand’s partnerships with designers, musicians, and innovative partners will also be on the agenda.

A launch that reveals a new level of evolution for Doodles

With the announcement that Doodles 2 would run on the Flow blockchain rather than Ethereum, Doodles made headlines in the cryptocurrency industry. According to the organization, Flow is an “ideal partner” to provide an affordable, simple, and enjoyable integration experience.

This would extend the Doodles brand and create great experiences across music, consumer goods, live events, and animation, among others. Another benefit of adopting Flow, according to the release, is that there are no gas charges. This benefit will allow Doodles 2 to offer unlimited customization options and daily utility to the community.

The management team also stated that the ownership paradigm would improve the user interface of the Flow blockchain. Users will be able to use cash or FLOW tokens to buy or sell their collections.

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