Doodles and Crocs join forces to create new line of phygital products

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Doodles and Crocs join forces to create new line of phygital products

Web3 lifestyle and entertainment brand Doodles has teamed up with Crocs, the casual footwear giant, to create a revolutionary line of products that marries traditional fashion with the cutting-edge technology of the digital world. Scheduled for release on August 29, the collection will feature exclusive Doodles x Crocs Classic Clogs, Jibbitz charms, and much more.

The collection

The highlight of the collection is the Doodles x Crocs Classic Clog Bundle, which includes special Jibbitz charms created by Burnt Toast, co-founder of Doodles.

Every bundle will come with a redeemable “Crocs Box” digital collectible, unlocking access to two Doodles Wearables and a Beta Pass, granting early access to Doodles’ Stoodio. This innovative platform enables the customization and creation of Doodles characters.

Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, expressed his enthusiasm, stating:

“Our unique style and characters blend so well with the Crocs brand and footwear. Working with a team that embraces innovation and new ways to deliver fun products and experiences has been a pleasure.”

The virtual experience

Within the Stoodio, collectors can outfit their Doodles avatars with the latest wearables. Each box contains wearables with varying rarity levels, all meticulously hand-drawn by the Doodles creative team.

Heidi Cooley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Crocs, shared:

“Together, we’re offering a collection that draws on our collective innovation and devoted fanbases, bridging the physical and digital worlds.”

Exclusive access

While the collection will be available on the platform on August 29, Doodles’ Original Collection digital collectible holders will enjoy exclusive access a day earlier, on August 28, and can purchase the bundle for a discounted price of $99, compared to $120 for non-holders.

A milestone moment for Doodles and Crocs

This groundbreaking collaboration between the brands represents a significant leap for both brands in the Web3 space, setting the stage for mainstream acceptance of digital collectibles.

For Doodles, it accelerates the journey towards mainstream recognition, all while delivering limited-edition products to its dedicated community. Together, they are charting a course toward a future where the physical and digital worlds are seamlessly intertwined.

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