Doodles 2 launch details and Flow expansion plan revealed

Doodles 2 launch details and Flow expansion plan revealed

Doodles has finally hinted at details on the launch of the greatly anticipated Doodles 2, citing that the project will not be on Ethereum. 

New and exciting features for fans in the Doodles 2 ecosystem

With the new year gaining pace, Doodles plans to provide its fans with great and exciting opportunities and a new adventure through the Doodles 2 NFT project.

In a statement released on Twitter, the company announced that Doodles 2 had been designed to have flexibility in terms of customization. 

Apart from last year’s Genesis box sale and Dooplicator airdrops, Doodles is introducing a beta entry to allow fans to create their Doodles NFTs. The company has emphasized that the NFT will be built for creators, by creators. It can live everywhere, meaning integration into the internet, the blockchain, and even in real life. The core of Doodles 2 collections will be digital identities without limits.

Users will be able to personalize the appearance of their Doodles to fit their skin color, current emotion, and even body attributes. With the acquisition of the Golden Wolf animation studio, the company will integrate animation into making dynamic Doodles 2 collections for everyone. Users will also be able to customize new collections with varied wearables. These include apparel, gadgets, and even accessories, among many others. 

After personalizing your Doodles into that perfect appearance, you will be able to share it across your social media platforms, real-life experiences, and other exciting community integrations planned by the company. As a Doodles NFT owner, you will be able to buy from other owners, sell, or even trade your collections.

Additionally, the company stated that there would be an introduction of brand-new collections of wearables. These innovative customization features will be released through marquee drops. Some of them will feature in-line products. Others will include brand collaborations with exciting creators, musicians, and partners.

The launch marks a new transcendence for Doodles

Doodles also sent waves in the crypto community with the revelation that Doodles 2 would be in Flow blockchain and not in Ethereum. The company announced that Flow is a “perfect partner” for providing an accessible, easy, and fun onboarding experience. 

This would enable the development of the Doodles franchise and the creation of great experiences across music, consumer products, live events, and animation, among others. The announcement also revealed that another advantage of using Flow is that it has non-existent gas fees enabling Doodles 2 to deliver daily utility to the community and endless customizations.

The exec team also announced that the ownership paradigm would improve user experience in the Flow blockchain. Users will be able to buy or sell their collections using dollars or FLOW tokens.

Even so, the Doodles team emphasized that their roadmap is set to have a multi-chain operation. The company will serve its users through whatever blockchain they are using. With that, they will continue investing in the Ethereum ecosystem

With that, Doodles announced that users would access Doodles 2 early experience on January 31st by rewarding Doodles holders and activating the Duplicator that will mint the first set of Doodles 2 wearables. The second set will be minted a month later when the Genesis Box opens. 

Most enthusiasts have turned to Twitter to express their excitement about this new multi-chain journey. At the same time, some are still skeptical, prompting its unrealistic nature given that people will not buy “customized identities” belonging to others.

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