Digital era resounds with Bieber’s “Company” NFT release

Digital era resounds with Bieber’s “Company” NFT release

Global pop sensation Justin Bieber is advancing with his track “Company,” exploring the emerging opportunities presented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

A fresh take on “Company” by Bieber

Come September 7, the stage is set for a groundbreaking NFT release. Anotherblock, a pioneering music tech platform with a penchant for blockchain, in collaboration with the track’s co-producer Andreas Schuller (more popularly known as Axident), will transform Bieber’s hit track “Company” into an exclusive NFT.

But there’s a twist in this musical tale: only 2,000 of these digital collectibles will grace the market.

The royalty revolution

It’s not just about digital ownership, it’s about sharing in the song’s success. While Axident stands tall as the rights holder, NFT owners aren’t merely spectators. They’re active stakeholders, poised to savor a 1% royalty share from the song’s streams.

Axident’s move speaks volumes, echoing the indispensable role fans play in the music landscape. As he insightfully pointed out, the fusion of blockchain with music rights heralds unprecedented possibilities for fan-artist interaction.

A song’s journey and future potential

“Company” isn’t a newbie in the charts game. It’s a seasoned player, having danced its way to Australia’s top 40 and secured the 53rd spot in the U.S. charts. Its staggering 500 million streams aren’t just numbers but a testament to its allure.

Michel Traore, the brain behind Anotherblock and a staunch believer in the union of music and Web3, envisions this initiative as a conduit to familiarize the masses with the expansive universe of Web3. And “Company” is the perfect candidate, encapsulating boundless potential to bridge the gap between conventional music consumption and the digital future.

The NFT resonance in the world of music

Bieber’s “Company” could well be a harbinger of how music meets technology in the future. Traore’s sentiments further underscore the urgency to spotlight the real heroes behind chartbusters: the producers. Their invaluable contributions, he opines, often go unnoticed.

With Anotherblock’s track record of high-profile collaborations, including with luminaries like The Weeknd, Rihanna, and Martin Garrix, the fusion of music and blockchain seems poised for a harmonious future.

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