Digital Entertainment Asset And TV Tokyo Corp. Are Bringing Web3 To Japanese Public

Digital Entertainment Asset And TV Tokyo Corp. Are Bringing Web3 To Japanese Public

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), a web3 company that provides entertainment via its PlayMining NFT business, has announced that it is bringing web3 to users in Japan. The Singapore-based company made the announcement following a collaboration with TV Tokyo Corporation.

Exploring New Frontiers in Entertainment

According to a press release published on November 17, DEA and TV Tokyo Corp are in alliance to build the next-gen GameFi content that incorporates non-fungible tokens. 

TV Tokyo Corp is a major player in Japan’s entertainment industry. The corporation, which specializes in digitally animated content, is looking to explore the benefits of web3 to bring top-class anime content to viewers.

The president of the television station, Ichiro Ishikawa, said that the station is eager to become a player in the web3 space where it anticipates that its programs would find appeal among trendy viewers. Ishikawa stated that the collaboration with Digital Asset Entertainment is a segment of the company’s strategy for exploring new frontiers in entertainment and business:

“TV Tokyo produces various genres of programs and contents such as news, animation, TV series, various shows, sports, etc. We would like to learn the latest digital technology called ‘Web 3.0’ such as NFTs, to make content that is more useful and enjoyable for everyone,”

Kozo Yamada, the co-founder of DEA who is also the co-CEO of the company, was an employee of TV Tokyo Corp where he worked as a producer for 15 years. Yamada, who is also a YouTube influencer, said that his experience with both businesses makes the cooperation between TV Tokyo and Digital Entertainment Asset a complementary one. He said that the partnership is a nostalgic one for him considering that the foundation of his working career was laid at TV Tokyo.

Original Web3 Content for Japanese Viewers

Yamada said that the next phase in bringing innovation to TV Tokyo requires the use of web3 adding that this is where the expertise of DEA comes into play. According to Yamada:

“I am grateful to TV Tokyo and pleased to be able to continue working together as we create original Web3 content for mainstream Japanese audiences. We will also be providing joint Web3 strategy consulting for various companies, and developing new IP content that can be distributed globally via Web3.”

DAE’s gaming platform, PlayMining, hosts some of the most popular Japanese anime and video games. PlayMining is a play-to-earn platform that has its own internal cryptocurrency known as DEAPcoin ($DEP). It is currently the only P2E token that has been approved by Japanese regulators. 

A Vision to Become a Top Web3 Platform

The DAE-TV Tokyo partnerships enable cooperation in the development and dissemination of educational content about web3 advancements, leveraging the public to encourage adoption. Yoshida stated:

“We aim to make DEA the top Web3 company globally, and educating the mainstream about Web3 is an important step toward that goal.”

He maintained that this approach is the best in driving adoption. He said that the essence of the awareness campaign is to make the GameFi space in Japan more competitive by introducing more users to P2E platforms.

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