Digital artist XCOPY unveils “Remnants”: A new art piece for SuperRare pass holders

Digital artist XCOPY unveils “Remnants”: A new art piece for SuperRare pass holders

From his early days as a Tumblr GIF creator to his current status as a vanguard of the crypto art movement, XCOPY’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. As a trailblazer who minted one of the first pieces on SuperRare in 2018, his works have achieved multi-million-dollar sales while preserving his artistic integrity.

XCOPY’s latest drop

XCOPY, the artist known for his expensive NFT creations, has left the digital art world buzzing with excitement with his latest venture: “Remnants”.

The unique project offers a limited edition of 250 pieces exclusively for SuperRare’s RarePass holders. Each variant is meticulously curated, marking a new frontier for the digital artist, who is celebrated for blending generative art with a personal touch in his famed “Grifters” series.

Inspired by existential dread

In an exclusive interview for nft now, XCOPY delved into the essence of “Remnants” and reflected on the digital art landscape’s current panorama.

When probed about the muse behind “Remnants,” the artist satirically responded: “Humans, technology, existential dread, the usual stuff”. Describing the project’s intricacies, he elaborated:

“It’s an evolution in form and function. While staying true to my aesthetic, each piece is a conscious decision, not left to chance. It’s about pushing boundaries, taking compositional risks beyond generative templates.”

Partnership with SuperRare

XCOPY’s relationship with SuperRare has been foundational, and the RarePass project is an homage to that bond. According to the artist:

“It’s a gesture of gratitude. SuperRare believed in what many dismissed as non-art. They’ve been pioneers, supporting not just me but a whole community of artists through the ups and downs of the market.”

The current state of digital art

In contemplating the state of digital art, XCOPY remains incredibly optimistic:

“There’s no better era for creation than now. The fusion of crypto and art has birthed a new medium, and the pace of technological advancement is staggering. Social media has thrown open the doors to wider audiences and unprecedented collaboration.”

However, XCOPY isn’t without critique. He believes the term ‘web3’ obscures the fundamental essence of his work. He further stated that, at heart, it’s crypto that forms the foundation for his creativity and the ability to transact freely.


Remnants” stands as a testament to an artist’s vision and a platform’s courage during uncertain times. It embodies the spirit of a creator who has navigated the digital terrain with an unyielding passion, forever altering the landscape of art in the age of cryptocurrency.

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