Dev forks Bitcoin Ordinals protocols to mint the first Litecoin NFT

Dev forks Bitcoin Ordinals protocols to mint the first Litecoin NFT

According to recent reports, a crypto developer recently minted the first ever Litecoin Ordinals after forking the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol. 

Litecoin ordinal NFT

Incoming reports indicate that a developer tied to the Litecoin network recently forked the Bitcoin protocol and used the new fork to mint the pioneer Litecoin ordinal NFT. Reports denoted that ynohtna92, a Github user, announced the new project two days ago. 

Litecoin (LTC) was launched in 2011 as an indirect Bitcoin network fork and has since remained one of the strongest crypto assets. The development of Litecoin has continued to the latest and most fascinating, the creation of Litecoin’s ordinal NFT. 

A Twitter user, Crypto Anthony, said, “The first #Litecoin #Ordinal has been inscribed on the Litecoin blockchain.”

Under his Twitter thread, Crypto Anthony gave a github link to ynohtan92’s announcement page. According to Crypto Anthony, the Litecoin ordinals are open source; hence anyone can try them. 

Forks result from a blockchain network splitting into two protocols, each with individual policies, but both share transaction history. Forks like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and many others occurred like that.

Creating forks often involves much work, including value adjustments to the primary protocol. As such, developer ynohtna92 seemingly altered many figures, including the ordinal number scheme to ensure the fork functions effectively. Furthermore, the dev inscribed a whitepaper onto Litecoin Ordinal to align with Litecoin’s most recent MWEb upgrade.

Ordinals, a hot topic in NFT

The recent news triggered an immediate reaction from the NFT community. One NFT enthusiast, Doggfather, released a Twitter thread discussing the new development connected to Litecoin ordinals. 

The developer noted that ordinals are a hot topic within the NFT ecosystem. The ability to store data on Bitcoin is something many investors desire. In one of the tweets, Doggfather noted:

“As a non-dev, I can only hypothesize how much of the current work for Bitcoin Ordinal wallets etc, can be used for Litecoin Ordinals.” 

Doggfather noted that he would not be surprised to see a new Litecoin ordinal wallet launch soon. However, when it comes to market potential, Doggfather highlighted that ordinals based on Bitcoin are mainly attractive because they are on Bitcoin. Litecoin NFTs may not see the same success as the Bitcoin community is much larger.

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