Decentraland update brings unprecedented metaverse interoperability

Decentraland update brings unprecedented metaverse interoperability

The ability to seamlessly transverse through different virtual worlds is yet to come. However, we can now move our avatars from one metaverse to another thanks to Decentraland.

Journey through the Metaverses

Decentraland, the largest web3 metaverse by market capitalization, has just introduced a new update that allows players to export their unique avatars as Virtual Reality Model (VRM) files, enabling them to extend their digital identities to other metaverses.

Inhabitants of Decentraland will now be able to export their fashionable avatars, transporting them to other virtual reality (VR) spaces like OnCyber, Hyperfy, and the Monaverse. All the clothing, accessories, and general appearance will be carried over.

Migrate your avatar out of Decentraland

The process of exporting an avatar is user-friendly, as it requires a simple login, selection of an avatar’s attire from the ‘Backpack,’ and then saving the VRM file with a click on the brand-new VRM button.

Creating the true Metaverse

This latest update is a small step towards a more unified and immersive metaverse, where people can travel between different digital settings as easily as they switch tabs on their browsers. With this latest update, avatars can be carried over so users can identify and create an identity that can inhabit multiple spaces, pervading the whole connected metaverse.

While Decentraland has been the target of some criticism due to its dwindling player count, and its native token $MANA dumped after being ruled a security by the SEC (Security Exchange Commission), the team behind the project is continuously building and organizing events.

Throughout 2023, Decentraland implemented several updates, including avatar customization, and launched the Software Development Kit (SDK) 7, a toolset that expands the horizons for developers within the metaverse. The team also hosted a series of high-profile events like Fashion and Beauty Week.

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