Deadrop: Dr Disrespect’s explosive NFT FPS game enters early access

Deadrop: Dr Disrespect’s explosive NFT FPS game enters early access

The highly anticipated first-person shooter game, Deadrop, is now available for early access.

How to access Deadrop

Developed by Midnight Society, the studio led by popular streamer Dr Disrespect, the game has been the talk of the gaming community for some time. Players worldwide can now get a taste of this unique “Vertical Extraction Shooter” with the release of Alpha access.

Gamers looking to access Deadrop’s early alpha must obtain Tower Keys. These keys not only unlock access to Snapshot V but also secure a place in future Snapshots following the game’s full release. Priced at $25, Tower Keys come with various perks for the gaming experience.

A Tower Key provides players with several benefits, including early access to Snapshot V and its associated features, unique in-game cosmetics for early access participants, the Season 0 battle pass at launch, invitations to special events, and exclusive streaming rights. Additionally, players will be assigned a unique player ID and receive a limited edition hideout item reflecting their early access status.

As players consider obtaining a Tower Key, it is crucial to remember that transactions involving these keys are non-refundable. This highlights the importance of making a well-informed decision before purchasing a key, ensuring that the experience meets their expectations and preferences.

Win Tower Keys for free

For those looking to save some money, Midnight Society is hosting a contest to win Tower Keys for free. To participate, players must post their best “Primal Scream” on Twitter, tag Midnight Society, and include the hashtag #PrimalScream. The developers will select their favorite entry, and the winner will receive five Tower Keys. These can be shared with friends for a group early access experience.

Youtubers and streamers take on NFTs and blockchain gaming

Not long ago, Logan Paul issued a public apology regarding the controversies surrounding the Cryptozoo project. In his statement, he unveiled a three-step plan to reimburse investors who had put their faith in the project.

Before his apology, Logan Paul, the renowned American YouTuber and boxer, had actively promoted Cryptozoo on his podcast, Impaulsive. As one of the few celebrities endorsing the project, Logan convinced many to buy collectibles for a “game that makes you money.” He claimed to have invested a significant amount of money into Cryptozoo’s development, with a great team behind it. The project, which involved Zookeepers trading exotic animals using tokens and NFTs, has yet to launch despite over a year passing since the promotion and sale of the tokens.

Towards the end of 2022, popular YouTuber Coffeezilla released a series of investigative videos that exposed Cryptozoo as a scam. In response, Logan Paul threatened legal action against Coffeezilla, prompting him to issue a public apology and remove the allegedly defamatory video. In his own apology video, Logan addressed the situation with Coffeezilla and expressed remorse for his initial reaction, which he attributed to ego and pride.

No better time to dive into the world of Deadrop

Deadrop’s early access launch marks an exciting time for gamers eager to try Dr Disrespect’s dream project. With its unique gameplay and the chance to win free Tower Keys, there’s no better time to dive into the world of Deadrop. 

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