Deadfellaz set to revolutionize Trading Card Games

Deadfellaz set to revolutionize Trading Card Games

DBZ Labs, the brand behind the leading zombie-themed Ethereum NFT collection, is entering the digital card game realm. Taking cues from gaming franchises such as Hearthstone, Street Fighter, and select anime shows, the company aims to redefine web3 gaming.

RIP Trading Card Game (TCG)

The game, tentatively named RIP TCG, is part of a broader vision to expand the Deadfellaz universe. The intent is to enrich the narrative around specific characters, diving deep into their backstories without convoluted setups.

Pre-access to the vault sale went live on the 8th of September. Those who have collected Deadfellaz NFTs can start minting these vaults now, with the wider public gaining access today.

The cards inside the vault are Ethereum-based NFTs, which will be revealed on a yet-to-be-announced Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible chain.

Sales preceding game development

Despite the sales preceding the game’s official code development commencement in October, Deadfellaz’s team isn’t new to the project. According to Psych, the pseudonymous director and co-founder, they’ve been conceptualizing it secretly for a year:

“We’re a year into mechanics on pen and paper. We start actual coded development in October.”

Taking inspiration from Hearthstone and Street Fighter

Details about the game remain sparse. But according to Psych, it’s going to resemble popular card games like Hearthstone, combined with the cinematic flair of Street Fighter. Once in play, the cards will transform into vibrant, living characters.

Emulating Marvel Snap’s quick gameplay, Deadfellaz aims for each match to last approximately 10 minutes. This allows players to engage in strategic battles without an overwhelming time commitment.

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(Source: Deadfellaz Medium)


Interestingly, the game won’t push blockchain or cryptocurrency aspects aggressively. It’s going to be primarily a free-to-play model, with blockchain operations running silently in the background. Betty, the pseudonymous CEO and co-founder, clarified, “This is just being made as a really, really well-developed game that is supposed to be very fun.”

Yet, the blockchain offers a unique advantage. The “deep on-chain XP” system ensures that each card, an NFT, carries its complete history. This feature could allow players to purchase cards that have an illustrious past, adding layers to the gaming experience.

Road to RIP

October will mark the start of Deadfellaz’s collaboration with the renowned game engine Unity and its services team. The roadmap is straightforward: roll out an “early alpha” version by Q1 2024 and a subsequent beta version in 2025.

Throughout this journey, Deadfellaz plans to release a series titled ‘Road to RIP,’ detailing their development journey. Their vision is to innovate the card-battler genre, merging diverse contexts to present an unparalleled TCG experience.

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