Deadfellaz launches “Culture On-Chain” series

Deadfellaz launches “Culture On-Chain” series

DFZ Labs, celebrated for their iconic Deadfellaz NFT collection, unveiled their latest content offering, “Culture On-Chain,” on September 1st. This fresh initiative aims to illuminate the inspiring narratives within the web3 realm, documenting groundbreaking creators and artisans using blockchain for the greater good.

Deadfellaz brings the horde to Seoul

The first episode will be shot next week in Seoul, South Korea. A burgeoning epicenter for tech innovation, Seoul’s active government support for blockchain, AI, and digital craftsmanship doesn’t go unnoticed by DFZ Labs.

The inaugural journey to Seoul is a collaborative effort between DFZ Labs and MetaMask, the most used web3 wallet.

Tagging along is the “DFZ Squad”, an eclectic mix of both rising and seasoned creatives like Latasha, Jisu, Ed Balloon, JN Silva, Rekstizzy, Klara Vollstaedt, and the enterprise’s own CEO, Betty. Additionally, Rikki Lethal, the Head of Business Relations at DFZ LABS, and a professional film crew will accompany them.

Their visit to Seoul coincides with a slew of major events like Korea Blockchain Week, Seoul Fashion Week, and Frieze Seoul. This serendipitous overlap provides a golden opportunity to chronicle and revel in the evolution of pioneering Web3 endeavors.

Changing public perception of crypto

The CEO of DFZ Labs, Betty, vocalized the urgent need to reframe how mainstream media portrays crypto and web3. She passionately discussed the series’ mission to broadcast the genuine culture and the optimistic encounters within this vibrant sector:

“These global gatherings act as a nexus for networking and herald the commencement of novel journeys for emerging talents. The positive narratives are often overshadowed, and there’s a dearth of content that truly represents these enriching experiences,”

The “Culture On-Chain” series will delve into pivotal events and showcases, fully engaging with Korea’s buzzing Web3 atmosphere. A hands-on exploration of MetaMask’s newest tools also awaits them.

Each DFZ Squad member will contribute with a distinct flavor to this endeavor:

  • Betty: A pioneering Web3 maven.
  • Rekstizzy: A multifaceted Korean-American talent.
  • Latasha: A fervent NFT enthusiast and artist.
  • Ed Balloon: A community spearhead and NFT craftsman.
  • Klara Vollstaedt: A Canadian digital artist rising in prominence.
  • Jisu: An award-winning contemporary artist.
  • JN Silva: A versatile Venezuelan photographer.

Building a community the right way

In May, the launch of ‘Streamingfellaz’ added a new dimension to the Deadfellaz universe, granting collectors a unique video streaming experience with their digital avatars. The company also recently created a streaming team on Twitch, showcasing its commitment to engage with and grow its community.

As anticipation builds for the pilot episode of “Culture On-Chain”, Deadfellaz fortifies its position as a long-lasting web3 brand.

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