Deadfellaz and MetaMask present ‘Infected S3’: A haunting experience in Decentraland

Deadfellaz and MetaMask present ‘Infected S3’: A haunting experience in Decentraland

This Halloween season, the realms of digital art and Web3 technology are colliding thanks to a collaborative effort between Deadfellaz and MetaMask. Together, they’ve launched “Infected S3”, a Halloween-themed CryptoArt event in the Decentraland metaverse that promises a mix of haunting artistry and virtual adventure, open until November 6th.

The Artistic Vision of Infected S3

Infected S3 marks the third and grandest installment yet from Deadfellaz. Curated by Betty, the creator behind the famous blue-chip NFT project, this event showcases over twenty Web3 artists, each presenting their unique visions. 

The array of artworks by talents like GIANT SWAN, GLOWA, GOONZ, and 3LANDERS encapsulates diverse themes such as horror and death. These pieces draw heavily from Deadfellaz’s signature style, daring to defy conventional artistic boundaries.

A triple token treat

In a unique twist, the exhibit combines three distinct tokens within the “Infected S3” collection across three grades: ‘1 Fresh Grade’, ‘1 Damaged Grade’, and ‘1 Rotten Grade’. Lucky holders of original Deadfellaz NFTs might receive a random airdrop of these digital art pieces, provided they authenticate their collectible with a screenshot. One piece to keep an eye on is the NFT dubbed ‘Spud’.

Purchase, mint, and participate

Starting today, October 31, at 6.30 pm (EST), anyone can purchase these CryptoArt gems via the Foundation platform. In a generous move fitting for the season, artists will receive all proceeds from the sales of their work.

Decentraland explorers also have the chance to mint exclusive, one-of-a-kind tokens during their journey, a testament to their participation in this unique fusion of art and technology.

Participants in Decentraland will get to engage in the “Candy Quest”, an interactive adventure that allows visitors to collect digital candies leading to virtual treasures, adding an immersive layer to the gallery experience.

Celebrating Halloween in style

For those with a passion for blockchain-based art and the allure of Halloween, Infected S3 in Decentraland is a must-visit destination. Witness firsthand how Deadfellaz and MetaMask are rewriting the narrative of digital art, and if intrigued, remember to secure a piece of this ghoulish creativity on Foundation.

With this event, Deadfellaz and MetaMask break new ground in the convergence of art, technology, and community in the virtual world. To be part of this revolution, step into Decentraland and immerse yourself in the spine-tingling, digital art experience of “Infected S3.”

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