DC Comics launches NFT collection

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DC Comics launches NFT collection

DC Comics is pushing the boundaries of its digital collectible offerings once more with the release of: Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 NFT Edition.

Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 NFT available through DC’s NFT marketplace

DC Comics, a renowned and long-standing comic book publisher in the United States, has unveiled the Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 NFT Edition. This latest offering of non-interchangeable digital assets can be purchased through the DC Collectible Comics NFT platform.

The tale of Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 has been transformed into five unique NFT covers, including the iconic representation of Batman with a flaming electric guitar. These collectibles are in high demand among fans of DC Comics, with only 4,000 pieces available for purchase at $9.99 each. To give more fans a chance to own a piece, there is a limit of two purchases per account.

DC Comics launches NFT collection - 1
Dark Nights: Death Metal cover. Source: ScreenRant

The story of Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 was part of the Dark Nights: Metal series that began in June 2020. It was a continuation of the tale and followed Batman as he delved into the dark multiverse. The original story featured seven evil versions of Batman, but over time, artists have created new characters, leading to a rich and diverse collection. The series ran for three years before coming to an end.

DC Comics announces weekly NFT drops

In Ocober 2022, DC Comics declared its plan to issue weekly NFT drops based on its famous comic books, each with a price less than $10. Weekly deliveries of DC Collectible Comics were set to include a variety of unique variant covers and grading, much like traditional DC Comics collectibles. 

NFT enthusiasts have the opportunity to purchase and trade these digital assets on the aforementioned DC NFT marketplace. The first DC Collectible Comic sold on the blockchain was Superman #1 on October 27th, priced at $9.99. The collection was limited to only 3,000 minted editions.

DC Comics launches NFT collection - 2
Superman #1 cover art

The DC Collectible Comics NFTs came in two types, Legacy and Modern. The Modern comics offered a selection of new versions from DC’s extensive comic book lineup, while the Legacy comics included NFT versions of classic and vintage comic volumes that may have been out of circulation for years.

These NFT offerings by DC Comics demonstrate its continued leadership in the NFT sector and its commitment to providing fans with fresh and thrilling ways to connect with their preferred characters and stories. The Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 NFT Edition presents another opportunity for fans to own a piece of this celebrated franchise and incorporate it into their digital collection.

NFTs in the comic book world

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular within the graphic novel genre. Given the technology’s success in the art and gaming industries, it makes sense that this triumph has also expanded to the world of comic books. Last month, Lightning Works announced the release of the world’s first interactive comic book NFT, named “Siege Worlds Zero.”

The team behind the project believes that “Siege Worlds Zero” will appeal to both comic book enthusiasts and video game players. The comic book was released on the Ethereum blockchain on January 20th and will also be available on the Polygon Network and offers users the chance to engage with legendary figures such as Joan of Arc, Miyamoto Musashi, Flamma, and many others in an interactive Web3 experience.

Additionally, Kelekshen, a blockchain firm specializing in web 3.0 technology, announced the launch of a new NFT-based platform centered on comics and manga back in October 2022. The marketplace allows comic creators, collectors, and fans to participate in buying, selling, owning, staking, and collecting comics in a unique way through NFT technology.

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