Dan Harmon’s still-unreleased NFT TV show ‘Krapopolis’ gets its third season

Dan Harmon’s still-unreleased NFT TV show ‘Krapopolis’ gets its third season

Fox has announced that they will renew “Krapopolis,” the animated TV series from Dan Harmon, co-creator of the widely popular show “Rick and Morty,” for a third season. Despite having yet to air a single episode, the show, which is set in mythical ancient Greece, is set to premiere sometime in 2023 and will feature a star-studded cast that includes Hannah Waddingham, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Pam Murphy, and Duncan Trussell.

Krapopolis NFTs

The new season was announced on Krapopolis’s official Twitter account.

The NFT sales of “Krapopolis” have garnered attention, as the show released its first 10,420 Krap Chicken NFT collection in August.

These NFTs allow holders to participate in voting on different aspects of the show, gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, attend in-person events with the cast and crew, and redeem rewards for official merchandise and digital goods.

The floor price of the Krap Chicken NFT collection on OpenSea is currently around 0.11 ETH (approximately $170), lower than the cost of minting an NFT in the collection, which is 0.18 ether (ETH) or roughly $280. However, Fox’s president of scripted programming, Michael Thorn, is still bullish about supporting projects that have potential, like “Krapopolis.”

Fox sponsors first-ever animated series fully on the blockchain

According to a Deadline report, Thorn expressed that renewing “Krapopolis” for a third season was an easy decision for the network, despite it being uncommon to order a third season before the show’s premiere. He firmly believes in the show’s potential.

In July, Fox Entertainment revealed that it would be investing $100 million into “Krapopolis,” which is set to be the first-ever animated series created entirely on the blockchain. According to OpenSea, the project has garnered sales of 418 ETH (approximately $650,000) to date.

Harmon has made it clear that he is interested in discovering innovative methods of generating revenue from content, and “Krapopolis” is a part of his strategy to experiment with new models for producing and distributing content. The NFT sales are a means to encourage audience engagement and make the show more interactive, according to Harmon.

The innovative approach of incorporating NFTs into “Krapopolis” has caught the attention of many, as it symbolizes a new method of producing and distributing content. Through this experiment, Harmon is examining if it is feasible to create a more participatory and engaging TV production process. The growing interest in this new model of content creation suggests that the industry may be shifting towards more decentralized and audience-driven methods of entertainment.

While the release of “Krapopolis” is still a couple of years away, its impressive success with the Krap Chicken NFT collection indicates that it may be a trailblazer in the realm of TV production. The collection’s popularity among NFT enthusiasts demonstrates a strong demand for TV-related NFTs.

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