CyberKongz to release new NFT collection and migrate from Polygon to Ronin

CyberKongz to release new NFT collection and migrate from Polygon to Ronin

CyberKongz is shifting its blockchain-based game, Play and Kollect, from the Polygon network to Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain created by Axie Infinity’s Sky Mavis. Furthermore, CyberKongz is also set to unveil Genkai, a new NFT collection inspired by anime, on both the Ethereum mainnet and Ronin in the coming week.

CyberKongz releases a cool teaser trailer

The CyberKongz franchise, which has amassed a total of $210 million in trade volume across its four largest collections, announced the move to the Ronin network today on Twitter. The mint date is scheduled for July 27.

New Genkai collection – What to expect?

The inception of Genkai marks a significant milestone for CyberKongz. The founder and artist Myoo, who remains pseudonymous, described Genkai as the first non-pixel artwork for the franchise.

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He emphasized that it represents their plan to expand their intellectual property into the Southeast Asian and Japanese markets and that a new game featuring Genkai characters will be in the works.

Genkai’s minting on Ronin is particularly noteworthy, as it is the first non-Axie Infinity NFT drop to happen on the network. Sky Mavis has already been preparing to expand its gaming ecosystem on Ronin, having partnered with several Web3 gaming studios back in March.

Sky Mavis’ Director of Business Development, Kathleen Osgood, expressed her high regard for the CyberKongz project, describing it as “one of the greatest IPs in Web3.” She further underscored Sky Mavis’ active collaboration with its gaming partners on the Ronin network.

What led to the migration to Ronin?

CyberKongz was prompted to choose the Ronin blockchain due to the strong community connection between Axie enthusiasts and CyberKongz holders, according to a pseudonymous Kongz council member known as Henry the Grape.

Henry the Grape hinted at future developments, including an animated series and comic books. This seems to be a growing trend, as several Web3 brands are being promoted into mainstream media and pop culture.

Some examples include Krapopolis, an animated series based on NFTs from the creators of “Rick and Morty”, the physical toys inspired by Pugdy Penguins, and now Snoop Dogg creating an ice cream company where the brand identity revolves around a particular Bored Ape NFT.

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