Cryptoys unveils Star Wars NFT Collection for fans on ‘May the 4th’ Day

Cryptoys unveils Star Wars NFT Collection for fans on ‘May the 4th’ Day

A startup that creates NFT collectibles, Cryptoys, announced on Thursday its latest addition: a set of digital toys inspired by the Star Wars series. The collection showcases 15 cartoonish recreations of popular characters from the franchise, such as Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader. The NFTs will be sold on the Flow blockchain and packaged in Star Wars-themed digital “holocrons” in five different rarity levels.

May the force be with you

The catchphrase “May the Fourth be with you” has made May 4th a significant day for Star Wars enthusiasts. The Star Wars NFT collection’s debut coincides perfectly with the yearly festivity, scheduled to be released on May 24th. Priced similarly to Cryptoys’ earlier collections, like the collaboration with toy brand Mattel on Masters of the Universe, the Star Wars NFT collection will also cost $39.99.

Will Weinraub, the CEO and co-founder of OnChain Studios, Cryptoys’ parent company, expressed his excitement about the Star Wars NFT collection launch. Weinraub revealed that the team of creators had been fans of the franchise since their childhood and that it was a dream come true to add the Star Wars-inspired digital toys to the Cryptoys platform. Weinraub also acknowledged that the project provided a rare chance to offer collectible digital toys to Cryptoys’ audience.

Other Star Wars themed digital collectibles

VeVe, a platform for digital collectibles that features NFTs from Disney and Marvel properties, has already released several collections of Star Wars-themed digital models, posters, and comic book covers, making the Star Wars NFT collection by Cryptoys not the first of its kind.

Cryptoys plans for Star Wars

The latest NFT collection by Cryptoys offers 15 caricatured renditions of iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise. These digital toys have been stylized in five different skin designs and come in a range of rarity levels, including Common, Rare, Legendary, Grail, and Ultra Grail. While the Common NFTs will be relatively easy to acquire, the Ultra Grail NFTs will be exceedingly rare and challenging to obtain.

Each pack is a “blind box,” which means buyers will not know which character they will receive until they open it.

Will the Star Wars collection be successful or turn to the dark side?

Given the growing popularity of NFTs and the established fan base of the Star Wars franchise, it’s safe to say that the Star Wars NFT collection by Cryptoys is bound to garner a significant following among enthusiasts. This is particularly true for those who have already been collecting Star Wars-themed NFTs on platforms such as VeVe. With the market for NFTs expanding rapidly, it’s likely that more pop culture franchises will jump on the bandwagon and explore the potential of this emerging trend.

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