Cryptoys to introduce kid-friendly AI Chatbot as an NFT

Cryptoys to introduce kid-friendly AI Chatbot as an NFT

Digital toy company Cryptoys is set to pioneer a new era in NFTs, introducing a kid-friendly AI chatbot, ChatGuardian, into its range of character-based digital collectibles.

Cute and cuddly AI Chatbot for kids

Cryptoys, run by Web3 collective OnChain Studios, has developed this innovative chatbot, ChatGuardian, to allow children to interact with their NFTs safely. Parents are promised a control panel to customize the conversations, ensuring their children a safe and engaging dialogue and playtime.

By incorporating ChatGuardian into its NFTs, Cryptoys aims to enhance the user experience. The company recognizes the challenges and concerns raised by AI integration but assures consumers that there’s no danger of a rogue AI scenario. The goal here is a seamless, entertaining, and safe interaction between kids and their digital toys.

According to Will Weinraub, CEO and co-founder of OnChain Studio and Cryptoys, the initiative aims to leverage AI in a child-friendly manner. He believes that children born in the age of blockchain and AI should interact with their favorite characters rather than impersonal AI companions. Weinraub noted:

“You get the same kind of AI functionality that [kids] are so used to, and it’s so natural for them these days – but with their favorite characters. That’s a big focus with this, and doing it in a safe way, which is why ChatGuardian was built.”

Two years of development finally comes to fruition

The development of ChatGuardian aims to keep pace with the advancing AI landscape. Alfonso Martinez, Chief Experience Officer at Cryptoys, stated:

“We have faith in the future of AI and its amazing abilities to bring to life some of our favorite characters and have our children play with them in a way they’ve never done before – but none of that matters if it’s not on a platform that is as safe as possible.”

After two years of development, OnChain Studios will first introduce ChatGuardian into Cryptoys’ Zoo-F-O collection, featuring a series of charming animal-themed digital collectibles. Initially rolled out to existing Cryptoys collectors, subsequent releases will further strengthen the kid-safe verification process.

Cryptoys has been relentless in expanding its partnerships and product range, with a keen eye on diving into AI. Last June, it secured a whopping $23 million in funding from entities like crypto investment firm a16z, NFT giant Dapper Labs, and toy industry titan Mattel.

Previous collaborations with Disney and Mattel

Cryptoys partnered with Mattel in November to release digital action figures inspired by the Masters of the Universe film. May saw a collaboration with Disney for a Star Wars-themed NFT series, capitalizing on the iconic film franchise’s fanbase.

With an already impressive track record and a long list of renowned partners, this latest AI Chatbot may be the product that will propel Cryptoys further into the mainstream.

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