CryptoPunk holders get exclusive 24-hour offer to print NFTs

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CryptoPunk holders get exclusive 24-hour offer to print NFTs

Holders of CryptoPunk non-fungible tokens (NFTs) now have a unique opportunity. For a limited 48-hour window, they can obtain physical prints of their digital art assets. This offer, announced on October 26, is a result of a collaboration between online art store Avante Art and Yuga Labs.

Get your CryptoPunk print

Starting from 3:00 p.m. UTC on October 26 and concluding at the same time on October 28, this sale offers two distinct versions of the physical CryptoPunks collection. “Punk-On-Chain” allows each punk owner to commission a print copy of their digital punk, provided they can prove ownership. This restricts the availability of these prints solely to the on-chain owners.

Conversely, the “10,000 On-Chain” collection, comprising prints of all 10,000 CryptoPunks, is open to all collectors. This means one doesn’t need to own the original NFT to purchase its print version.

Different print versions

Each version has unique characteristics. For instance, the 10,000 On-Chain pieces are created using Archival pigment prints with silkscreen varnish seal. In contrast, the Punks-On-Chain prints are UV pigment prints with white underpins. To ensure authenticity, both versions come with a Yuga Labs holographic sticker.

CryptoPunk holders get exclusive 24-hour offer to print NFTs - 1
10,000 On-Chain (Source: Avant Arte)

However, there’s a distinct feature for Punks-On-Chain items. They have a QR code on the back leading to a blockchain-based Certificate of Authenticity (CoA). The 10,000 On-Chain prints, while also shipping with a physical CoA containing a QR code, don’t have this code on the print itself.

History of the collection

CryptoPunks, a pioneer in algorithmically generated art distributed through blockchain, was developed by Larva Labs studio and released in June 2017.

Originally, these pieces were available for free to any Ethereum network user. As of now, the lowest-priced NFT is valued at approximately $78,000, with the entire collection boasting a market cap of over $782 million, according to Coingecko.

In March 2022, Larva Labs transferred the copyrights for CryptoPunks to Yuga Labs, the company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Under Yuga Lab’s helm, the pioneer collection has developed several noteworthy initiatives, like the recently released documentary, a book detailing the collection’s history, and exhibitions in renowned museums.

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