CryptoDickButts changes the game of NFT ownership

CryptoDickButts changes the game of NFT ownership

Yesterday, the famous NFT meme project CryptoDickButts, or CDB for short, announced a twist that’s got the whole cryptosphere buzzing.

Humble beginnings, high ambitions

What started as a playful diversion for early CryptoPunk holders is now an oddball attraction for the NFT community. The iconic character “Dick Butts”, a child of comic book artist K.C. Green’s imagination, has graduated from a viral cartoon character to the godfather of internet memes, making waves on platforms like 4chan and Reddit.

From its inclusion in the Urban Dictionary in 2007 to a special feature on BuzzFeed in 2009, this meme has truly climbed the ladder of internet fame. Believe it or not, CDB has even staked its claim in Punk6529’s Open Metaverse, where its NFTs regularly rake in the big bucks – a feat that held strong even during the devastating 2022 NFT market crash.

A new approach to NFT releases

Just thirty days after its Series 3 (S3) collection minted out, CDB is back in the limelight with its minting of the Series 4 (S4) NFT collection. Unlike previous releases that capped at 52 and 104 NFTs for Series 1 and Series 2 respectively, the minting of S4 is a whole different ball game, with the minting spree continuing till certain conditions are met. 

Now, the grapevine on CryptoTwitter is ripe with whispers that S4 may have already maxed out, but hey, don’t take my word for it – nothing’s confirmed yet.

Power to the people

Here’s where things get really juicy. CDB’s announcement marks a monumental shift in the way project ownership is seen. The torch of ownership is set to be passed on to the largest holder, a decision that puts tremendous power in the hands of the community.

As per the announcement, the community-based CryptoDickButts DAO has been tasked with securing a physical “Gooch Island,” an exclusive playground for the CDB NFTs and their proud owners.

The rules of ownership are quite fascinating too. The number of CDBs held will influence the power of each holder, with multipliers being set as 5x for Series 1 and Series 2, 2x for Series 3, and 1x for Series 4. Now that’s a twist you don’t see every day!

A kaleidoscope of reactions

Like with any ground-breaking announcement, the reactions are mixed. Some are praising it as a revolutionary move towards democratic ownership, while others prefer to wait and watch, curious about the potential ramifications of such a unique mechanism.

In the constantly evolving NFT landscape, CryptoDickButts is undoubtedly a game-changer. While we’re left with bated breath to see how this experiment pans out, one thing’s for sure – CDB isn’t afraid to push boundaries, proving that in the realm of NFTs, the only limit is your imagination. So, buckle up, folks! It’s going to be a wild ride.

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