Courtyard announces Pokémon NFT card giveaway

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Courtyard announces Pokémon NFT card giveaway

Courtyard, a crypto collectibles startup, announced it will be giving away hundreds of mystery packs of tokenized Pokémon cards.

Courtyard, I Choose You!

Each digital pack, available between November 13-17, will contain an NFT linked to a graded Pokémon card, offering collectors the opportunity to trade these digital treasures. All of the digital cards are redeemable for their physical counterparts, stored securely by Brink’s vaulting firm.

The assortment of Pokémon cards on offer is diverse, ranging from vintage base sets to modern and promo cards. Notably, among these are a coveted 2020 Sword & Shield Shiny Star Charizard and a rare 1998 Starter Red Green Gift Set Holo Scyther. The cards’ condition has been meticulously assessed and graded, ensuring their quality and authenticity.

Collaborating with Privy and Chimpers

Courtyard’s latest initiative is in collaboration with crypto tech startup Privy and Ethereum NFT collection Chimpers. The giveaway, part of an early Thanksgiving celebration, will be distributed across multiple drops, totally free of charge.

Generous Giveaway

Regarding the number of packs available, Courtyard has planned a generous giveaway of 100 packs each day from Tuesday, November 14, until Friday, November 17. This totals 400 packs for the public. Moreover, Courtyard is setting aside an additional 10 packs for those who provide the most creative responses to their Thanksgiving-themed questions, adding an interactive element to this event.

A pioneer in RWAs

Courtyard is a pioneer in tokenizing physical assets. The company previously managed to sell out nine Pokémon card drops, involving around 1,700 cards, ultimately bringing about $200,000 worth of graded Pokémon cards onto the blockchain as tokenized real-world assets (RWAs).

Last year, the company raised a substantial $7 million in seed funding, with contributions from New Enterprise Associates, Y Combinator, OpenSea Ventures, VaynerFund, Brink’s, and others. This funding boost indicates the growing interest and potential in blending the physical and digital worlds of collectibles.

Taking into account the palpable anticipation before the giveaway and the fact that Magic Eden is also selling Pokémon NFT cards with great success, it has become evident that Pokémon has found a lasting home in the blockchain.

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