Country music star Lee Brice collaborates with Selfie.Live app to create NFTs for fans

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Country music star Lee Brice collaborates with Selfie.Live app to create NFTs for fans

Musician Lee Brice has teamed up with Selfie.Live, a mobile app that enables users to submit selfies with stars and get a digitally signed image as an NFT. The aim of the partnership is to create unique fan memories while the musician is on tour.

Lee Brice introduces his fans to NFTs

Fans can now upload selfies of Lee Brice or selfies from concerts on the app following the collaboration between the platform and the artist. Brice utilizes the performer edition of the program, allowing him to sign images from any location digitally.

The relationship between the two started when the app assisted Lee in getting in touch with his Santa Claus Uber Driver, who served as the model for the Christmas single “Santa Claus Was My Uber Driver” by the musician.

A few months later, when Selfie.Live was first introduced, and Brice came upon a well-known fan image that had been added to the Selfie. The image was of a red Hyundai with the license plate 1SANTA1. The Uber driver from Santa was informed of the Selfie. Despite not being present, they posted the snapshot of the live launch on social media. Brice then added his signature to the image, which Opensea noted as an NFT.

The app offers a gentle introduction to NFTs and blockchain for celebs and their fans. Athletes, musicians, painters, actors, and more will collaborate in the future, allowing each creative to communicate with people in their own time. The Butterfly Protocol intelligent contracts that operate on Polygon create the NFTs.

Users can easily take a picture of themselves at a live event or with their favorite celebrity through the fan app. The fan receives an autographed NFT immediately in their NFT wallet, while the star obtains the picture through the celebrity app.

The protocol enables each celeb to have their web3 address, which can use to identify and catalog fan images. This address is comparable to a web domain, phone number, or email.

The act of collecting and signing fan images while on tour is growing

As more superstars utilize the app to collect and sign fan images while on tour, Lee Brice is one of them. Future partnerships will involve sports, artists, singers, actors, and more, giving each creation a chance to interact with fans on their terms and still have some control over its identity and image.

Brands and advertisers may use the software to develop personalized activations that increase engagement. Celebrities and fans can use the app as a weak entry point into NFTs and blockchain. Several other celebrities have also been engaging with NFTs since they first came to the market.

The trend has also grown with politicians picking it. Recently, Donald J Trump, a former US president, released his NFT collection, which attracted a lot of controversies. Sports figures and their backing organizations like the NBA, F1 race teams, and Tennis organizers have also released their collections.

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