ConsenSys commemorates Shanghai/Capella upgrade with exclusive NFT drop

ConsenSys commemorates Shanghai/Capella upgrade with exclusive NFT drop

ConsenSys is set to celebrate the upcoming Shanghai/Capella upgrade on the Ethereum network with a special non-fungible token (NFT) drop, providing enthusiasts an opportunity to own a unique piece of digital memorabilia.

An NFT collection to mark a milestone

The Shanghai/Capella upgrade, together with the Merge, represents a historic moment in internet history. ConsenSys is celebrating the event with a unique NFT drop, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of this technological revolution.

The Ethereum network took a significant leap forward on September 15, 2022, with the Merge. As the world’s largest programmable blockchain, Ethereum transitioned to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, reducing energy consumption by 99.99% and bringing about other major changes.

In honor of this pivotal moment, ConsenSys released the Regenesis NFT collection, comprising two sets of NFTs. The first set consisted of commemorative NFTs given to Ethereum Core Developers, researchers, and client teams, acknowledging their contributions to a more sustainable, secure, and scalable Ethereum. The second set was an open edition NFT called Regenesis, available to anyone with a web3 wallet, marking one of the most distributed NFT drops in Ethereum’s history, with 327,600 mints.

Celebrating the Shanghai/Capella upgrade with NFTs

As the Ethereum network approaches another milestone with the Shanghai/Capella upgrade, ConsenSys has announced another NFT collection. Web3 enthusiasts worldwide are invited to participate in this technological landmark by claiming an NFT. The upgrade will enhance the blockchain’s execution and consensus layers, allowing staked ETH withdrawals, lowering entry barriers for retail and institutional stakers, and promoting increased participation for further decentralization and security.

The new NFT collection is called “Ethereum Evolved: Shanghai,” and features two editions. The first, a commemorative edition, is an art NFT symbolizing liquidity and security. By facilitating access to staked ETH, liquidity increases, promoting global staking participation and improving network security. ConsenSys will airdrop these NFTs to Ethereum Core Developers on April 13th, following the Shanghai/Capella upgrade’s activation.

The second, an open edition, portrays decentralization, a key benefit of the Shanghai/Capella upgrade. By encouraging a more significant number of validators, the upgrade enhances the network’s security through increased decentralization.

A piece of technological history

The Shanghai/Capella upgrade, along with the Merge, marks a turning point in internet history. This NFT drop offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of this technological milestone. The NFT claim window opens on April 12, 2023, at 9 pm EST and remains open for 72 hours. Users with a MetaMask wallet can mint the open edition for free (excluding gas fees).

Following the Shanghai/Capella upgrade, Lido, Ethereum’s lead staking provider, can finally go through with its intention to integrate NFTs into the unstaking procedure, whereby users can obtain a transferable NFT that signifies their staked ETH withdrawal request. As ConsenSys unveils its latest NFT collection to celebrate Ethereum’s progress, they’re not the only ones in the spotlight. Lido’s clever integration of NFTs into the unstaking process shows that when it comes to innovation, there’s more than one way to mint success.

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