Concept2048 launches NFT Collection to raise awareness for global problems

Concept2048 launches NFT Collection to raise awareness for global problems

Concept2048, a creative duo formed by digital artists Ekaterina Perekopskaya and Rostyslav Brenych, is releasing a 2,048 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection to raise awareness on global problems. The Metamorphoses Collection, as it was named by the authors, will be on sale from January 24 onwards, and already has more than 3,700 whitelist requests.

NFTs are a powerful tool to raise awareness and promote action

Concept2048, an artistic creative duo, is releasing 2,048 NFTs as part of the Metamorphose Collection, a project aiming to raise awareness for the current global issues society is facing. The collection, which will be available for purchase on the 24th of January, is a polyptych of hand-made photographs. 

Part of the collection was featured in the sixth edition of the contemporary art exhibition “Personal Structures” in Palazzo Mora during the 59th Venice Art Biennale 2022, in Italy.

The project’s creative forces are Ekaterina Perekopskaya and Rostyslav Brenych, two digital artists that specialize in fashion, art, and conceptual production. The artists used NFT technology to raise awareness of global issues such as climate change, pollution, overconsumption, and poverty. Each photograph depicts an envoy – a person who believes that caring for the world should take precedence over caring for oneself. 

Nothing can obstruct the envoys’ inner vision because their faces are hidden behind draped headpieces. The eyes of each envoy are purposefully closed, allowing them to be extremely sensitive to the planet’s vibrations by sharpening senses other than vision.

Each envoy is a ray of light from the universe, controlling one of the four natural elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Their presence on Earth was made possible through a long-term strategy that emphasized the importance of consciousness and ensured that humanity evolved in the right direction.

Collection utility and features

The limited collection of NFTs will provide buyers with the opportunity to acquire a one-of-a-kind piece of art and contribute to creating a better future by voting on initiatives and prioritizing areas of action. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charities based on NFT owners’ votes to address the most pressing environmental and humanitarian issues. 

As a result, the authors invite everyone to put themselves in the shoes of the envoy who came to Earth to help people see the true state of the modern environment and encourage them to take action immediately.

“We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to events happening in the world and must allow ourselves to influence them,” said Ekaterina Perekopskaya, Concept2048 co-founder, art director, fashion designer, and stylist. “In Metamorphoses, the privilege of owning artwork is expanded through the opportunity to be part of a global idea and influence what kind of legacy the collection will leave in history.”

Rostyslav Brenych, Ekaterina’s co-founder at Concept2048, added that NFT technology is unlocking incredible opportunities to bring art to the masses, thus contributing to break new ground at the intersection of art and digital technologies for a better future.

The path to selling out

Concept2048 has already amassed a sizable social media presence, with the first batch of NFTs selling out within hours of the presale. The collection will be auctioned off publicly on the 24th of January. The mint will be held on two blockchains: 1,448 NFTs will be sold on Ethereum’s OpenSea, and 600 NFTs will be sold on TON’s Ton Diamonds and Getgems marketplaces. 

Although there are a limited number of envoy seats available in this project, those interested can still try to obtain Concept2048 NFTs by applying for the whitelist status on the project’s website and through the Telegram bot. Users will be able to trade their Metamorphoses NFTs on the OpenSea, TON Diamonds, and Getgems marketplaces after the public mint ends.

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